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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Reflecting on my blog motivation while preparing for ETech

In a week I will be back in the US, this time to take part in the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. You find a small intro to my speech here (speech outline). I am very much looking forward to this conference, several people have called it really hot and cosy. It will be very interesting to meet heavy bloggers and to hear about their blogging motivation and experience. In this post I will discuss a bit of my motivation a week into being re-born on-line.

The whole topic of blogging has been on my mind for some time now, but it is not until reacently I started some light blogging myself. I am still trembling, but learning something with each post. One of the things I find causing personal conflict is. -Who am I blogging for? Lets take this post for example. It certainly is not for myself, as I am of course aware of my plans. So this post would assume that I have readers, which I do not know. I know that a few guys have posted comments on the blog, which was cool.

If I would be writing for myself, then probebly this post would never had been written, so there is clearly something in me wanting to broadcast. I have heard about this behaviour before and once bloggers have an audience, the audience either stimulates to blog more or it starts to cause stress. Today I predict that I will be in the latter category. This is a topic I will follow up on in later blogs. As I have stated to some of my collagues about my blogging behaviour. I am doing an antropological experiment with myself as subject and researcher ;-) A Classic one man focus group, from which I can make bold statements based on a global segment of one. Motto is life is for learning.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Radio sailing - a truly moving experience

A very dear hobby of mine has been to build and race radio controlled sailing yachts. I have built more than 15 boats and raced in races all around the world. Here I am with my latest boat called 'Blåndin', a Graham Bantock design. Below you see a couple of shots of me with the boat giving you a sense of size of these little machines.
Play/cride1 play/cride2
(The pictures courtesy of Bino Haeggström)

I have won numerous Finnish championships, a Nordic Championships. I have also participated in world Championships with best results being 4th in 1988 and 6th in 1994, generally I have been in the top 10 to 15th the other times. After joining Nokia I have had less and less time for this hobby, but in 2001 I decided to switch class to the smaller simpler International One Metre class One Metre class, which is a one metre long boat. This class is quickly becoming the most popular in the world. In Finland alone there is almost there are already 36 registered yachts.

This year I participated in the nationals, and managed to dig out some edge from the spine winning the two-day event with a decent margin. It is a moving experience when one really master something very deeply, where a break of 2 years seems like a week. The brain is an amazing recorder of eye-finger movement. I guess it is the same if you learn to play an instrument, you then know it for life. In Finland the typical example is ice skating.

Our federation FiRCS has been on-line from 1995 It is one of the first memories from the web I have and a wonderful example how global tribes can get in touch with each others. Anders Wallin our web master has done a wonderful job for several years keeping us up to date with anything and everything in the radio sailing field.

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A blog -what's that? -My first demo of Moving experiences

"A block, on the web, what do you mean?", was the comment from my collague Jarmo, when I told him that my blog, Moving experiences is now live at

After trying to explain, I decided that it was time for my first blog demo and show him the process of posting via Typepad.

The memento of the demo..." I am writing to show one of our engineers what blogging is. The concept for the masses still seems hazy, even for an engineer :-) It is very interesting to see how people react to a demo like the one I am having now."

Yesterday I mentioned that I am setting up a blog to few of my old collagues and they looked at me like a had gone beserk. The word blog had no meaning in their mind and these were two ladies working in high-tech for many years.

From these two encounters I decided that I would contine to log reactions to the concept of blogging and the word Blog, as I start spreading the word about my online alter ego in the mobile community.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Calm before the storm...

This is a picture of Amanda, our Hallberg-Rassy 29, anchored in the Finnish archipelago.


The picture is taken about 1h before a nasty storm arrived in the summer of 2000. The wind blew straight at us from the north, forcing us to evacuate at dawn, as the anchor was not holding, bottom was probably rock rather than mud or sand. Not one of the best night in the boat, a night hard to forget...

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Reborn on-line...

I guess the 19th of January could be marked as a digital birthday, as I today finally went on-line with a digital identity I feel comfortable with. This is my third generation blog, the first two simply did not look & feel like me. They were left starving for content somewhere in cyberspace...

Blogging history...

The first blog SW-package I started using was iBlog, via .Mac. This tool was very nice and easy to use, but did not offer enough customisation. The developers seemed to have abandoned the development, as there was little new updates on their site. I just did not feel comfortable.

My collague and friend Marko Ahtisaari recommended my the TypePad service from Six apart. I decided to join in August and since then have been thinking how I would like to appear and what I would like to blog about.

In late August I set up a standard TypePad site, but its appearance did not feel like me. If I were to start blogging, I had to have something pretty. Several bloggers among others Joichi Ito, Janne Jalkanen , Matt Jones and specifically Mena Trott has told me I would be the most frequent reader of my blog. – I believed them.

The current look was designed by Sami Koskela, a very talented graphics designer living and working in Finland. He has a keen eye for details I greatly appriciate.

About the name...

The name Mobile Experiences has dual meaning for me. Firemost it is about whatever that excites me, that I encounter while moving around in the real or virtual world. Secondly it is about experiences using different mobile devices.

Thoughts running through my head...

I am somewhat nervous what I have now started. Publishing on-line for everyone to see and read is daunting. Will anyone want to read, what will I rant about and most of all how frequent will I blog. Is this a fad that I grow tired of or will I actually build a digital ego. I guess only time will tell, and as Mena said you do it for yourself.

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