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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Reflecting on my blog motivation while preparing for ETech

In a week I will be back in the US, this time to take part in the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. You find a small intro to my speech here (speech outline). I am very much looking forward to this conference, several people have called it really hot and cosy. It will be very interesting to meet heavy bloggers and to hear about their blogging motivation and experience. In this post I will discuss a bit of my motivation a week into being re-born on-line.

The whole topic of blogging has been on my mind for some time now, but it is not until reacently I started some light blogging myself. I am still trembling, but learning something with each post. One of the things I find causing personal conflict is. -Who am I blogging for? Lets take this post for example. It certainly is not for myself, as I am of course aware of my plans. So this post would assume that I have readers, which I do not know. I know that a few guys have posted comments on the blog, which was cool.

If I would be writing for myself, then probebly this post would never had been written, so there is clearly something in me wanting to broadcast. I have heard about this behaviour before and once bloggers have an audience, the audience either stimulates to blog more or it starts to cause stress. Today I predict that I will be in the latter category. This is a topic I will follow up on in later blogs. As I have stated to some of my collagues about my blogging behaviour. I am doing an antropological experiment with myself as subject and researcher ;-) A Classic one man focus group, from which I can make bold statements based on a global segment of one. Motto is life is for learning.


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We enter an time of device diversity. The mobile phone can now be anything we want it to be.....

From voice phone to textbox, phone-camera, videofone, tracker, gameboy, fashion accessory, content console etc..

But with this comes the challenge of convergence - how will we overcome this, what compromises will have to be made on the way?

I look forward to this voyage of discovery...


Posted by: Textlad at Feb 4, 2004 7:24:30 PM

I think if you really do keep it just as an experiment, you will rapidly lose interest. You'll know if you fall in love with it - all the things you planned to blog about will go out the window :)

Defining the audience is hard - it's best to just write in your own voice, about things that interest you. People with similar interests will find you.

Nice Typepad template, btw.

See you at Etcon!

Posted by: Chris at Feb 7, 2004 12:00:20 PM

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