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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A blog -what's that? -My first demo of Moving experiences

"A block, on the web, what do you mean?", was the comment from my collague Jarmo, when I told him that my blog, Moving experiences is now live at

After trying to explain, I decided that it was time for my first blog demo and show him the process of posting via Typepad.

The memento of the demo..." I am writing to show one of our engineers what blogging is. The concept for the masses still seems hazy, even for an engineer :-) It is very interesting to see how people react to a demo like the one I am having now."

Yesterday I mentioned that I am setting up a blog to few of my old collagues and they looked at me like a had gone beserk. The word blog had no meaning in their mind and these were two ladies working in high-tech for many years.

From these two encounters I decided that I would contine to log reactions to the concept of blogging and the word Blog, as I start spreading the word about my online alter ego in the mobile community.

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Hi Christian,
It's great that you're helping to introduce blogs to Nordics. After two years of hardcore internal lobbying I finally convinced my firm to try out a company blog. We've been up and running for a few months now and, after an expectedly slow start, people are really warming up to the format.

Keep up the good work; hopefully more and more people will join the fray.

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