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Sunday, February 01, 2004

My Blog theme goes mobile

My blog theme has gone mobile on my S60 based Nokia 6600. Sailing in the Finnish archipelago is very central to my personality and I thought this would be perfect to keep me going through the long and dark winter.

IDLE.jpg MENU2.jpg MENU.jpg

The enclosed screenshots give you some indication of what it looks like.

I was lucky to recieve a unique custom designed theme as a birthday present in January. When asked what kind of theme I wanted, it was not hard to choose. It should be something related to yachting and the Finnish archipelago. I knew that the blue and white would work very well on phone screens. I wanted to re-use the iconography and colours used on my blog, and it turned worked well also in the mobile context.

I have a multi-platform co-ordinated personal identity ;-) It was designed by Annika Macke, a young talented graphics designer I know.

The themes capability in the Series 60 platform is one of my new favourite enablers. This technology takes personalisation of the phone to a whole new level, making the it an even more intimate object.

I have noticed that there are more and more themes for the Series 60 are appearingon the web. Creating good themes is very difficult and also labour intensive, if you have seen some good themes let me know and I can share them here.

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Hi again,
I started to click around on your blog and comments were gone...(first time blog commentor, some Usability problems)

Theme fits really good on your get some better quality screenshots tomorrow!
Viele Grüße

Posted by: andrea Finke-Anlauff at Feb 3, 2004 9:38:44 PM

I really like this theme (as I like your blog too - You're listed in my very reduced Typelist :-)).

Are you going to share it ?
I have a 6630 and, exept for the Wallpaper (I have my family, but with blue colors too), I would love using it...

Anyway, as it's a birthday present, I will understand if you want to keep it unique.

Best regards from France...

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Posted by: ara-mobail at Jan 19, 2006 3:26:51 AM

Some free themes:

Posted by: Mike J at Jun 8, 2006 5:31:56 PM


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