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Friday, March 12, 2004

Lifeblog has seen the daylight

Nokia Lifeblog, our multimedia diary is finally out in open daylight. It feels great.
I am insanely proud of the whole team, without you, I would still be PowerPointing!

In this post I will try to correct some initial misunderstandings circulating in blogs, before everyones expectations are raised too high and we cause dissapointment to our users and ourseleves.

1.) Nokia Lifeblog is not a blogging tool, it is a logging tool or as we prefer to call it a multimedia diary.
2.) Initially the Nokia Lifeblog will not be available for the Nokia 6620, but some other terminal.

Nokia will show Lifeblog at the Cebit fair in Hannover starting in the middle of next week, so if you are there, stop by the booth and get a demo and the facts.

The views in this post are strictly personal and have not been checked for facts and should thus not hold me or Nokia liable ;-)

There are two very good stories on Lifeblog one by Mark Ward of BBCi. This good discription of this new product. It is amazing to see these super professional journalists doing their work, Mark used stenography to record notes, it was like something of a modern Sumerian writing cuneiform on claypad - beautiful! Thanks Mark I really enjoyed observing you working. Another nice story about this product can be found on the Guardian online It is written by Neil McIntosh. Niel cited the story of my old Friend Kazu Fujiwara and his lifebook. Kazu used to be my collague at London Business Schools centre for design management. His lifebook became a subconsious inspiration for me. Kazu, if you read this: thanks!

More on the misunderstandings:

1.) Q. Why a logging tool or as Nokia prefer to call it a multimedia diary? Nokia feels that blogging is a subset of your electronic life, not the whole life, hence our focus on the PC initially. The first version will not have any features enabling blogging (you can send e-mail from PC version, but I do not call that blogging).

2. Q: Why does Nokia call it Lifeblog? A: We added the 'b' in front of the 'log' as we wanted the name signal a longer term intent. Nokia mission is conncet people and that is what blogs do.

3.) Nokia Lifeblog will not be available for the Nokia 6620, but some other terminal.

Finally: I need to make a disclaimer here. I am writing here as a private person and hence anything I say should not be taken as offical Nokia communication, but opinions of my own. Nokia will inform about the product in due time on its official forums. It is not my plan to make this a Nokia Lifeblog marketing site, there will be separate forums for that. So beware, if you plan to link to this, I might revise this post later, breaking all blog etiquette! Please excuse me in advance.

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Congratulations Christian,

I can't wait to get my hands on it. Now I understand your motivation for "My Moving Trail".


Posted by: Douglass Turner at Mar 12, 2004 9:19:52 AM

Congratulations from me too,

i have been following your blog for a while now, and I really like what you are doing at Nokia - and in your blog.

I am a writer for the german online magazine, and have been following the evolution of weblogs and mobile business.

I noticed from your moving trail, that you are at the CeBit in Hannover. Will you be there next week as well?
Maybe we could meet, and you could show me your system firsthand.
That would be great.

Greetings from Germany (Cologne, to be precice)

Hans Dorsch

Posted by: Hans at Mar 19, 2004 4:17:02 PM

I appreciate the efforts of Nokia to "connect" people. But does anyone agree that the accessibility of the internet and its related electronics has disconnected people? You see, I am sitting here posting while at work, while I could be interacting face-to-face, on a more personal level with my co-workers. I think just because people can type back forth they shouldn't be considered more connected.

Posted by: roller at Mar 19, 2004 8:18:32 PM


may you post here some pictures of LifeBlog? I have seen it at CeBIT, but the guy was not able to make me an Alt-PrtSc picture for my article :(

And on is no nice picture...

But it seems to work very nice, I wait for my phone upgrade to use it ;)

Posted by: Patrick Zandl at Mar 20, 2004 10:02:48 PM

Hello Christian,

Congratulations for this idea on the lifeblog!!

It has been a long time that i have been trying to look for a software that could back-up my sms. I just hope there will be a version where it could be compatible with older series of symbian powered phones like my n3650.


Posted by: Hermann Thomas A. Calero at Mar 24, 2004 7:23:48 PM

Excellent work! Lifeblog gets it! A personal nostalgia repository is critical as we continue to collect more and more personal information.

Posted by: Joe Reger at Mar 31, 2004 10:27:44 PM

Common guys, you gotta make this work on a 6620!

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Posted by: Alexander Kolt at Sep 9, 2005 7:47:00 AM

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