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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Moving experience 2.0 launched

You have arrived to a new version of Moving experiences. It is my digital home in transition. Version 2.0 is now more mobile friendly, by introducing a third column as a timeline of the most recently phone blogged pictures. What I want my visitors to immidiately get a sense of what I am up to.

A very important design driver for Moving experience 2.0 has been to prominently include text annotations to each of the pictures. I do not think it makes much sense to blog pictures without annotations. If the pictures are taken out of context the narrative in the pictures is lost.

There is a generation of users which are familiar with typing small pieces of text on their mobiles and if this is combined with pictures and shared to people online these immidiately become stories and we have a new form of communication.

Version 1.0 went online on the 19th of January. I have included a picture of the main page of Moving experiences 1.0 to give you an idea how the concept has evolved.
The picture top right indicates the last shared picture. The biggest flaw in this concept was the lack of text describing the picture.

I am at the moment empirically trying to conceive what kind of blog would have a good balance between fixed PC use and moving mobile use. I am very interested in hearing from any visitors of Moving experiences and also get tips on interesting 'photoblogs' on-line. So far I have not seen too much interesting.

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stories should be richer than small amounts of text and pictures. a narrative needs a structure - not a timeline.

good stories draw together images, sounds and words in a rich way.

stories are often made from the same material constantly shuffled and modified. they grow through a process of reading and re-reading, modifying, viewing and changing

we have built something to do this and it would be good to talk to you about it sometime.

Posted by: dan phillips at Mar 16, 2004 8:31:09 PM

Did you see my flash based photo viewer/blog? I guess it will not show up on a phone, but is a different kind of experience for a PC interface.

Posted by: Vishi at Mar 16, 2004 10:14:28 PM

one of the things you'll notice is that to tell a story - got up, sun shining, went fishing, caught fish, cooked it, ate it - you have to post it backwards, that is send the photo of the fish bones on the plate first, so it appears at the end - the bottom - of the story on the timeline

Posted by: andrew wilson at Mar 16, 2004 11:19:20 PM

My comments revolve primarly around the construction of the UI rather then the copy. The UI is definitely more dense and feels cluttered. Version 1.0 felt a bit more sparse and that was good.

Loose the large radiuses on the corners of the grey round-rects. Chews up screen real estate.

The greyscale ramp effect on the right edge of the grey round-rects is a distraction and competes with the copy for readers attention, loose it.

I would make more use of text color as an organizing device to guide the reader's eye. I find I am not sure where you want me to look and find my eye darting about.

I think a little sprinkle of Edward Tufte magic dust will help matters a bit

Posted by: Douglass Turner at Mar 17, 2004 3:10:13 PM

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I find I am not sure where you want me to look and find my eye darting about.

I think a little sprinkle of Edward Tufte magic dust will help matters a bit

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