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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Porno fuels monologue

I am sorry to say, but I decided to cut communication aspects of my blog down to a monologue from me to you. I just had nearly 700 spam comments mainly from some porno sites, so I decided enough is enough.
I do not mind porno on the net, but it should be pull not push, just like in real life. After all lust is one basic driver to build business upon.

I do not know what the root cause why they found my blog, but it could have been my post on A9, which got quoted on a porno blog called Mature erections. This public blog originated in New Zeeland, now living in the internet, seemed to be a blog mixing porno and technology. Interesting convergence I must say.

It is fun for me as a new blogger to go through the life cycle of blogging from: Setting up a blog, making news, getting readers, figuring out what to write, now getting spammed.

So I must say my dear collaugues were right, when they told me: 'soon you will be blogging about blogging'. This post is just about that.

What I really like in this little mess, is that I am the editor. My blog is my place and if I do not wish to have comments, I can stop. I feel in control. I do not know if I am in control, but the feeling is enough for me right now.

It just proves to me that we are living early days in blogging and lots of small challenges needs to be ironed out before blogging could go main stream, and with main stream I mean a new type of communication tool.

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