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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Neil Barrett does the Tripple convergence shoe.

The shoe is an amazing example of convergence
The shoe is an amazing example of convergence
The bottom combines hiking shoewith fine salon style leather
The bottom combines hiking shoe with fine salon style leather

       Neil Barrett is an convergence master. He managed to combine the coolness of a sneaker with the looks of a business shoe and the utility of a hiking shoe. Not bad for a new kid on the block. My collague Olli picked these up recently and I thought they represent a new wave of what I dubbed convergence shoes in an earlier post. Neil went from school to a senior designer for Gucci to Design director of mensware at Prada to launching own brand in less than 10 years, pretty darn impressive in that field. Now five years down his own company he designs for labels like Puma and Samsonite. I am sure we will hear much more from this guy. Gee I guess I have to pick up a pair or wait for someone to send me a pair...

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Kure Kure sushi - or just conveyor belt sushi

video thumbnailGreat way to enjoy sushi if you are in a hurry (click on picture to see the video clip)

In the last two days I have had kure kure sushi twice. I must be sushi starved. The quality is of course not at the level of Edomae sushi, the hand made traditional sushi, but I was happy with what I got. I am so excited a new sushi restaurant opened in Helsinki this week, so I will return to one of my favourite food topics, namely sushi in an extended version of this blogpost. This post was really just to demo videoblogging from the Lifeblog 1.5 running in my 6630 phone...but it sparked of an idea to talk a bit about sushi in general.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Restaurant Zetter is the core of Zetter restaurant and rooms

The interior is classic
The interior is classic
Their design is functional.
Their design is functional.

Zetter is a trendy, but classic restaurant in Clarkenwell in London. It is serving Italian food with good taste, white napkins. I had some mussles to start with for £5.00 followed by a Globe & Jerusalem artichoke risotto with parma ham. As a side dish I had braised spinach. I had the £6.00 size portion and it was plenty. The risotto had great texture, a bit al dente, the parmesan did not dominate. As a desert I had a latte, which was served from a very small glass, making it a very joyful experience. It is funny how things that come is small packages feels special. Usually lattes are these gigant monster drinks, where only objective is to maximise the dose.

Zetter is also a boutique hotel, I heard it is nice, but I had no chance to wander around. Next time in the area I might stay. Need to check that they have Wi-Fi, a basic requirement I have in any hotel.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Moving Experiences - or the electronic me celebrates its first birthday

Time flies, it is today 1 year since I was born electronically and I feel I have learnt as much as a baby does in its first year. The site has undergone some major modifications. A timeline was added on the main page and flash timeline of my moving trail was added. We added improved category management and finally in December the family section was modified to add Maud.

I thought I would reflect a bit on my blogging experience so far:

* The blog is a good electronic representation of me, I feel it serves its purpose. I am happy with its scope and design. I get more out of my blog than I put in.

* Blogging is more labour intensive than I thought. This is due to two reasons, quality content needs quality time and blogs are expected to be fed regularely. I spend about 2-3 hours on more serious posts, this could easibly be extended to 5-6 hours, but that is too ambitious for me. With two small children and a more than fulltime job the frequency of serious post is lower than what I thought I would write.

* People read my blog more than expected. I average about 400 page views a day, lately doubled that of the first half.

* The blog allows me to reconnect with people from my past. A blog is so approachable and Google makes it very visible.

* I have met new people through my blog. People come up to me and say I read your blog. It feels good, as it lowers the barrier of social interaction, when people first meet. When I met Om Malik for the first time, he said "I read your blog, but I do not agree with everything you write." It immidiately allowed us to connect on a totally different level, deeper somehow.

* Mobile blogging is surprisingly unintrusive and the timeline asset I create gets more interesting with every post. It takes no more time to make a blog post than it takes to write an sms and it is much richer, of course also less personal.

* Blogging about my family stuff is still something I do not like to do, yet my family is regular visitors. I have created a private blog for sharing among the family and close friends.

* I am positively surprised how visible my food post have become. Many people have thanked me for restaurant recommendations.

* I am almost always blogging just before bedtime, it seems to be the only time when it is quiet enough.

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The latest Lego house kit, the Building Bonanza is great

The front of the Lego villa.
The front of the Lego villa.
The back of the villa.
The back of the villa.

Building Bonanza materialise the new Lego finding its lost core values. It is a typical Scandinavian suburbia villa. It has some custom roof and windows pieces. I think it looked great and at €49.95 it was a resonable deal. What I discovered is that it is now €59.95, which I think is not good value anymore. Wonder why this dramatic price increase after introduction. The key reason for my critique is the back of the building. No windows, no special elements nothing fancy. Their website has two shots of the model and the show a fron and a side view, he side with a window. The model is somewhat smaller than the impression in the pictures, but it is still a good sized model. One feature I really liked was that there were very detailed plans for three models and some concepts ideas for a lighthouse among others. Another thing which Karen really liked was that one could remove the rof easily, thus furbishing the inside. She filled the inside floor with floor tiles (not part of Building Bonanza) and build beds and sofas. The model was not really a gife for her, but for me ;-) Her comment: Daddy, you are silly when you buy presents for yourself. Well what can I say. She is right.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The storm flooded Helsinki to record levels

Downtown Helsinki
Downtown Helsinki
Car on flooding harbour quay
Car on flooding harbour quay

Dingy chaos
Dingy chaos
Storm and flooding overturned dingies
Storm and flooding overturned dingies

The storm that pushed north east from the atlantic reached Finland during the night. The water levels rose to new record levels of around +1.5m above normal. It is the second time we are seeing strange natural phenomenons in a year. My only explanation is global warning, not that I am competent to have an opinion. Normally this time of the year the sea is frozen and land is covered in snow. The water has flooded basements along the coast. In Estonia the water levels are up 3m which certainly is a catastrophe. It seems that the government took the weather men seriously and had prepared some paper barricades in downtown. Also the fire brigades have been pumping water from hundreds of basements. From what I know there are no lost lives.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Six Apart helps consolidate blog market

The blogging community is consolidating. Six Apart acquired LiveJournal! today and to me it looks like a perfect move for both. Six Apart has for a long time been thinking how to add users and yet retain high level service users demand in a paid service like TypePad. Creating a free level could upset TypePad users which wants solid quality and great service. This is where LiveJournal come in handy. Their free service will complement TypePad paid offering and build a user base at a totally different rate than what is possible with a paid service.

I know all the Six apart guys very well and I have to congratulate Brad on his choice. I do not think he could have found a better place to do what he loves most develop technology. He has writen a good post about the rationale for the deal. Looking forward to getting to know you Brad.

Six apart now has a three tier product line, clearly segmented and appealing to different audience. This puts them in a totally unique position to observe the emerging growth of blogging and will enable them to channel development effort where there is demand.

The challenge is ofcourse that there are almost three platforms to maintain and that could become very expensive down the line. On the other hand like with all technology at some point the creators will know how to make a much better architecture and that is ofcourse the time to decide whether to keep it separate or to consolidate it.

I have had through our (Nokia Lifeblog) partnership a unique postion to follow the Six Apart story from just a bit of er a year ago when Barak still was the investor advisor to Ben and Mena to its current form having millions of customers, offices in several countries and a great bunch of passionate people.

I am hoping this company would continue to have big dreams and become one of the trusted multimedia banks for people's personal memories. At least today they took a huge step forward and will now have a good chance to offer a friendly broad choice for anyone interested in sharing thoughts on-line.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Mourning the victims of the Asian Tsunami.

Sat 01/01/2005 11:51 Helsinki(182)
Flags at half mast all over Finland.

The new year starts as a national mourning day in honour of the victims of the Asian Tsunami. I think it is a good way to pay respect to both the victims but also to mother nature. Remembering that we are here at the mercy of nature is a fact. With the technology we create we think we are the master of the universe. Which is not what we are supposed to be. If you enjoy reading this blog, please accept the challenge I did, by donating 1% of your monthly salary to a charity to help with the releif in the Tsunami struck areas.

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