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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The latest Lego house kit, the Building Bonanza is great

The front of the Lego villa.
The front of the Lego villa.
The back of the villa.
The back of the villa.

Building Bonanza materialise the new Lego finding its lost core values. It is a typical Scandinavian suburbia villa. It has some custom roof and windows pieces. I think it looked great and at €49.95 it was a resonable deal. What I discovered is that it is now €59.95, which I think is not good value anymore. Wonder why this dramatic price increase after introduction. The key reason for my critique is the back of the building. No windows, no special elements nothing fancy. Their website has two shots of the model and the show a fron and a side view, he side with a window. The model is somewhat smaller than the impression in the pictures, but it is still a good sized model. One feature I really liked was that there were very detailed plans for three models and some concepts ideas for a lighthouse among others. Another thing which Karen really liked was that one could remove the rof easily, thus furbishing the inside. She filled the inside floor with floor tiles (not part of Building Bonanza) and build beds and sofas. The model was not really a gife for her, but for me ;-) Her comment: Daddy, you are silly when you buy presents for yourself. Well what can I say. She is right.

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The prices are bad here. In Spain, the same kit costs 39 Euro, most of Europe 49 Euro, and here in Finland, 59 Euro. Also compare to 25 GBP, and 39 USD. We are being ripped off.

Posted by: Chris at Jan 19, 2005 10:52:29 AM

Building Bonanza is great indeed!
I've paid 29,95 Euro for it. But that's an december-offer at an wholesale-trade.

There's an idiot on eBay who tries to sell them for 845,45 Euro (1000 Dollar)!!! And he has 299 of them!!!

Posted by: John at Nov 6, 2005 11:51:56 PM

Have you ever tried to buy LEGO at AMAZON ? At least here in Germany they have good prieces. You can get the house currently at for 39 EUR
Or try - another good source for fair priced LEGO

Posted by: Wolfram Herzog at Nov 9, 2005 11:06:27 PM

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