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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Speaking about Moble Life in 2015

This week I will deliver a visionary talk about Mobile Life in 2015 at Information today in Paris. It will be fun to share some thought on the future. 10 years is a very good timeframe as 10 years is long enough for some real disruptions, and yet one does not have to go into science fiction to make some interesting predictions.

I will structure the talk around three core components: The Human, The Technology and The Context. In the junction of these new stuff emerge and by looking at things that will change and remain constant it should be possible to make some sensible predictions about the future.

I will discuss devices I see emerging, and why I see them emerging. I will touch on topics such as personal data and the role of metadata and superdata, a term I coined to describe connected metadata or private data. I will also discuss collaboration, sharing issues, which I think will be equally important in the future as in the past.

The past year I have mostly talked about Lifeblog and personal content, so this will be refreshing for me, I hope the audience will be awake, my keynote is just after lunch on Thursday.

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They were awake; I was there! Your comments on product evolution strategy were thought-provoking. Examples: which can we eliminate: the keys, wallet, watch or phone? Also, watch for the critical step when a product takes on cultural meaning "everyone has one" even tho it may only be 2 % of the poputation. Is it a one hand or a two hand device? Etc. Thanks for a good talk.

Posted by: Jane at Jun 3, 2005 6:49:19 PM

Yes, I can say I was awake although it was a shame that we were so pressed for time. I loved the one handed vs. two handed distinction. I am also intrigued by the metadata vs. superdata but I have a doubt in my mind, do you see superdata lying on top of metadata or replacing it? It would be good if you could post that slide with some notes. Thanks for your great talk.

Posted by: Oliver Green at Jun 8, 2005 8:00:44 PM

I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly watch forward to your next updates.

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