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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yahoo! Go Mobile is live - The most comprehensive mobile internet experience

LauncherYahoo Go Mobile is now live, you can download it here. It was one aspects of the future I mention in my job transfer blog post. In the summer when I was interviewing I saw the proto of Yahoo! Go and it was immediately clear to me how significant it will be. In a single moment I realized that Yahoo! management knew what would be needed to unlock the mobile internet. This product was conceived and created by my boss Marco Boerries and his team at Verdisoft. I am very proud of this team, which made their first mobile product and a product which in my mind is the most extensive and sophisticated solution ever made on top of Series 60. It is one of the products that will be in my product portfolio and something I will excited to extending.

Yahoo! Go was announced this morning in Terry Semel’s keynote at CES. It will run on most S60 devices from 6600 onwards. It will ship preloaded on lots of Nokia Series 60 devices, if you are a N90 fan like I am it will run on it eventhough it is not really certified.

Yahoo! Go is powered by a content routing server which sits infront of Yahoo! services and ensures that you have the right information at the right time and it is optimized for the specific device. This means that it is possible to connect several devices and have them all be up-to-date. I use a N70 and my N90 and switching between them is really easy. I just need to move my sim and enter my password for Yahoo! It also enables us to connect the TV and the PC to the solution.

There are few things I find significant with Yahoo! Go Mobile:


  1. It is a suite of services. This means you get lots of utility with one installation and sign-in effort. Installing applications on the phone and configuring them is a barrier to entry and usage.
  1. It is seamless. The seamlessness provided for example by the always up-to-date phonebook and calendar. While at Nokia I advocated for years for providing seamless back-up services on the net. Since I took the solution in use in September I have not used the Nokia PC suite for sync. The data transferred in terms of size is small, so I do not think keeping phonebook and calendar up to date is a cost issue. Images which are highly engaging and richer in data will be seen on the phone bill, but the seamless manner of the photo being uploaded without user intervention I think will get users hooked. I am also optimistic that operators will start to roll out flat rate or bucket rate data plans, where you buy different sized data plans depending on your needs. 
  1. It is integrated. The solution is levering the native application and even extending them. We have added some features to the native mail app, allowing the Yahoo! user to manage mail archiving on the server and marking items as spam etc. I love the way the Yahoo! addressbook groups are synced to the phone. Finally am I motived to create list of hotels, restaurants etc. in my over 1000 entries long phonebook.
  1. It extends the utility of the mobile. The Messenger client on the solution is very comprehensive and the user experience of it is cool. It finally makes e-mail as hasslefree as sms. 

So if you have a S60 phone and want to experience the future of mobile internet go and download Y! Go today and see what it is like being connected….

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