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Friday, March 17, 2006

At least I had a great breakfast in Tokyo.

Some strawberries. .
Some strawberries. .
Some baby bananas. . .
Some baby bananas. . .

Dr. Bircher's Müsli, healthy and fresh according to old Swiss recipe. . .
Dr. Bircher's Musli, healthy and fresh according to old Swiss recipe. . .
And to round of with a bit of fresh bread and swiss cheese. . .
And to round of with a bit of fresh bread and swiss cheese. . .

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge breakfast guy. I love a rich buffet of fruit, bread etc. but I am guite conservative in my breakfast choice. The idea of having an egg Benedictine or sausages and potatoes for breakfast is simply so off putting that I could not handle it. I have a theory and that is that breakfast being the first meal of the day should not contain any surprises. What your body is used to having, it should have. There are big cultural differences in breakfasts and when I travel the world I can often tell where people are coming from depending what they are having for breakfast. The Brits have their egg and bacon and in particular beans, and some tea. In US the tea is substituted with coffee. The Scandinavians would have cold cuts on bread a 5 minute boiled egg. The French a Café au lait and Pain with apricot jam. If we think of all the amazing fusion of food going on in restaurants there are no fusion trends in breakfasts. Like for all rules there has to be an exception. I love American Pancakes for breakfast. Everytime I have them, I think of my American host Mother I had as an exchange student in Oregon. We used to have them on Sundays and sometimes with blue berries. My problem with the pancakes is that I could not only have pancakes for breakfast and hence I often get strange looks when I order a bagle, some musli some fruit. I try with various success tell them I like a little of many things for breakfast, sometimes I end up with a whole table of stuff and a feeling of guilt. Breakfast habits are hard to shake. 

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It looks like an interesting trip :-)

Posted by: Marco Boerries at Mar 25, 2006 4:49:16 AM

Hi Gufi, looks great :-) yum yum!

Posted by: Kyle at Apr 3, 2006 1:04:58 AM

So, I guess you didn't choose the miso soup, cold roast fish, tsukemono and rice...? ;-)

Posted by: John Dowdell at Apr 6, 2006 10:28:39 PM

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