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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nokia Lifeblog 2.0 is out of the labs - Congrats!

N70_lifeblogjpgToday visitors at Cebit will have a chance to see and play with Nokia Lifeblog 2.0. It is a major overhaul of Lifeblog which should improve and expand the product. I am looking forward to the increased metadata, promised speed improvements and more robust sync. The support for Audio notes, could bring a very interesting twist to liferecording. Getting a record of Calendar notes as metadata is great.

Since I left Nokia I have not seen it, so I am eagerly looking forward to upgrading, I just need to wait for the version compatible with older NSeries devices. I am still using my N90 Transformer and running Lifeblog and Y! Go on it. I am still Liferecording at similar pace. Today my Lifeblog has 17887 items in it, 11161 images, 4889 sms's, 30mms, 843 videos, 405 notes and 286 posts.

My big concrats to the team, who I know has worked extremly hard to improve the product.

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good to see that the product is able to handle such a big number of files! Looking forward to see the improvements.

Posted by: martin at Mar 9, 2006 9:15:37 AM

I have a N90 series phone as well and havent been able to post successfully since sat the 11th are you also having issues?

Posted by: ZuDfunck at Mar 15, 2006 6:58:26 PM

When will Lifeblog be Mac compatible? I know you're not working there any more, but maybe you can pass on the word.


Posted by: Jose Marinez at Mar 15, 2006 9:04:15 PM

I really can’t understand the logic behind the fact that Nokia limits their software to Windows. I mean every piece of SW shit is made for Macs too, only Nokia acts as if Mac users were a bunch of weird guys who never wanted to be compatible with the rest of the world in the first place.

This is even more curious because Apple is exactly the same thing in computer business as Nokia in the mobile one.

I would really like someone to explain that to me.

Posted by: Marko Crnkovic at Mar 26, 2006 11:28:10 PM

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