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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kyoto restaurant is a small hidden pearl in Soho.

The large pictograms on the wall makes a clean impression.
The large pictograms on the wall makes a clean impression.
The sushi bar. A great place to sample Kim's daily catch.
The sushi bar. A great place to sample Kim's daily catch.

I love these lamps. Simple and warm.
I love these lamps. Simple and warm.
Ebi fried inside out. Beautiful!
Ebi fried inside out. Beautiful!

A nice set of Sashimi, toro was great.
A nice set of Sashimi, toro was great.
My typical lunch for £12. Really great value.
My typical lunch for £12. Really great value.

Last year I stumbled into Kyoto, I do not know what attracted me, it was not the outside, nor its reputation, I cannot say anything than it was serendipity. When I got in, the place oozed authenticity. This place was original and home made. Big pictogram painted on the wall and wall cabinets of super heroes statues, guarding the place. I ordered their sushi set for 12 and I was surprised how well presented it was and when I tasted it I was blown away. I have never had this good sushi for 12 in London. I went back and the more I ate of Kyoto sushi the surer was that I had discovered a pearl. I started bringing my colleagues and friends and they all seemed pleased. I also started have some of the Korean specialties. I decided to introduce myself and get to know the chef. His name is Kim and it is his restaurant, and he does the sushi. He has two other chefs in the kitchen. He is great, very dedicated guy. His motto do it yourself, it not only applies to the interior, but it is omnipresent in the dishes he serves. His Gyosa is great, warm, crisp on the outside and aldente inside. The Tamago sushi is one of his specialties, he cooks it rich in water which makes the omelet much more difficult to handle, but it is moist and mealts in your mouth. The price quality ratio in this place is something of the best in London (look at this review). The place is really small, only 7 tables, no more than 25 places including the bar. It is open for both lunch and dinner.
You can find Kyoto on Romilly Street between Old Compton Street and Shaftesbury Ave. it is easy to get there, but it is not on any natural path in Soho.

So if you are a sushi fan like me, and you do not want to spend a fortune every time, Kyoto is a pearl! Smooth, clean and exotic. Very authentic little place. Thanks Kim, and good luck in the future.

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Thought you'd like to know, Kyoto has moved to a new premises, next door to the old one. It's bigger and looks really nice. Same great sushi too!

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It is indeed a great place, I try to go there at least once a week.

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