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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Real Mobile Broadband is available from T-Mobile in UK

Webnwalk I have recently switched operator as I wanted to live mobility to its fullest and for that I needed real mobile broadband. Several carriers are now offering free browsing, but I spent a fair amount of time reading the fine print in the terms of service and most of them either offer it in off peak, only from phone, no voip etc. The only real mobile broadband comes from T-Mobile. It is the Web’N’Walk Max plan (more info here). It is terriffic!

I pay 52.50GPB/month and have a fair use policy of 10GB per month, I can use the phone as a modem and I have done iChat and Skype video calls from the taxi. I think 3G data speed is completely adequate and getting online in about 30sec from I take my computer out of the bag is fast enough even for rather small moments on-line. I have not gone berserk and used 3G for streaming radio or streaming TV, but I the normal things I do, blog, read mail, browse. The big change now is proper PC based browsing. As I am using my Macbook and Launch2net SW which lets me monitor data usage, I am interested in knowing how much I consume, but it is less than I anticipated.  On top of the 3G mobile broadband I can added a HotSpot unlimited for an extra 10GBP/month which gives another 10GB and 340minutes in for example BT Openzone networks.

What I really liked with T-Mobile was their customer service, I do not need a handset from my operator and logically then I do not want to commit to an 12-18 month contract. 1 month commitment seems fair. I wrote their customer care and argued my case and to my great amazement they could see my point. I was really impressed by the service. If you want the same, leave a comment on my blog. They read this blog.

With the spec above I cannot call this anything else than mobile broadband so the future is here today.

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Expensive but finally :) Wonder how long it will take to drop down to Finnish 3g prices.

Posted by: John Anthony Evans at Jan 24, 2007 10:13:35 PM

I should add, the fact you needed no contract is pretty mazing, I tip my hat to T-Mobile.

Posted by: John Anthony Evans at Jan 24, 2007 10:14:29 PM

what 3g modem do you use for the macbook? i thought that there were for the moment no expresscard 3g modem?

Posted by: paul at Jan 26, 2007 1:13:24 AM

That sounds like a great deal. I need a new line and the one-month sim-only approach is perfect for my needs.

Posted by: Prashant Agarwal at Jan 26, 2007 2:30:10 AM

John, thanks for the comment, I just wanted to clarify I do have a contract and one has to quality for a post paid contract, but the notice period is 1 month.

I also heard yesterday that 3 does offer a SIM only version of their X-Series, which would allow existing users of for example N73 use Skype on their handsets. I do not know details, but when I did my research the web did not offer it, nor did the sales person, I will update if I get more data. The modem option is out, I think. Paul, I use the N73 or any Nokia as a modem, one just needs the Launch2net SW (

Posted by: Christian at Jan 26, 2007 4:09:19 PM

I think. Paul, I use the N73 or any Nokia as a modem, one just needs the Launch2net SW

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