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Monday, February 12, 2007

3GSM Observations 2007

This week again is the annual 3GSM show, where the mobile world unites in a frenzy of messages, hype and reality. I think I have been at all the shows since 2001.


1. Touch is the new Thin
There has been a craze with thin in the mobile inductry since the first Razr. Samsung is touting that they done 5,9mm in a monoblock. This is not a utility in my book, if it is not used for utillity like Moto did wonderfully with the original Razr. Now I see that there is a new thing, it is touch. The LG Prada phone is beautil, they raise the HW, SW experience to a new level, and that phone is in my book mature, I did my 3minutes down the menus, and it is not alpha stuff or Build2 as one would call it in the handset. It is beta or Build 3 or Build 4. I loved the attention to detail they did on the graphics, general interactions like transitions. I like the general UI style, meaning the interaction architecture. Congrats LG! On the same tone is Neonode. I saw this some months ago and considering the size of Neonode I admire their courage. The launched device looked good and certainly underwrites touch is the new thin.

2. All enablers go mainstream
The Nokia 6110 Navigator, was launched a mid range monoblock, with built-in GPS, HSDPA, which means that it will have a fast processor. Spec from a man on the street it is not super far from N95. The 6110 number is a sacred number at Nokia, so they plan to sell alot of them.

3. More platforms, more headache

Motorola goes Symbian with Motorizr Z8 - this brings yet another SW platform for Moto. I am not sure more is better.. however Symbian must be happy. I really, really like the Z8, it has beautiful mechanics, great looking UI, amazing to see that UIQ became one-handed, it is surprisingly close to Series 40 from core interaction style. This phone comes out of the Sendo guys, who had good talents and now in the Moto arms have done even better than alone.


More later....

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What is the riddle with 6110?

Posted by: Stefan Constantinescu at Feb 13, 2007 2:26:02 AM

6110 once (around 1998) was one of the top selling nokia phones. the same with nokia 3110

Posted by: Momchil Karabulev at Feb 14, 2007 4:24:06 PM

If touch is the new thin, I wonder if this makes MyOrigo's IPR ( more relevant to the market? They had and still have a rather innovative idea about a touchscreen that you could scroll to different directions by tilting the phone in your hand.

Posted by: tn_espoo at Mar 3, 2007 11:20:21 AM


Posted by: AJ at Mar 18, 2007 8:04:17 PM

Hi Cride,

Just found your blog! Realize you did post this article yesterday!
I haven't got my hands on the iPhone yet. Images I've seen certainly look promising. I really like that Mac give such an attention to details.
I agree the slim line has added value in several products in various product categories.
The touch screen on the iPhone is clearly a step closer to a true mobile internet browser. I guess the Sidekick2 is familiar to you ? - Worked well for browsing ordinary web-sites - and clearly quicker than most 3G devices using only 2,5 G technology!
However the Sidekick2 still had a rather plastic feel and quite cheap look. But the pricing indeed also very fair.
iPhone shows again a brave and inventive approach just as many other Mac products have in recent years. Great to see there are some companies that really DARE to innovate and understands the added value design brings, not only to their products and user-experience - but to the brand aswell.
Some room for improvements you point out. Designed products are always a compromise of various interests - it would be interesting to hear the reasoning for the decisions made at Mac. You suggest time. In my view 3-yrs should be enough time to consider both aspects of usability and appearance to make a product as close to perfect it can get. The usual limitation is time - and cost - making products as slim as possible might also bring some problems with placement of controls to get everything squeezed in a neat product design.

With my passion for branding, I really like that Mac again has succeeded making a product that only could be a Mac. It stands out with a stylish and simple design - easy for the eye - and simultaneously pushes product design innovation one step further.
Excellent that they managed to get a good feel for the touchscreen - as this issue often is the biggest drawbacks of touchscreens and the final user experience. Great.

I have to get my hands on one iPhone soon to take a closer look at product design details and test the usability.

I will give you a call according future plans.

Alex W.

Posted by: Product Design at Jul 19, 2007 11:15:50 AM

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