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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Deep on Mobile

I believe great user experiences are born through a deep collaboration of the guys designing the interface and the guys writing the code. The more I do in mobile the more I tend to want to understand what happens in the engine room, it is hard. I feel this same frustration when I talk to designers. At the same time when I talk to guys writing code, they want to know he big picture. This gap I want to help to bridge. I want to bring these disciplines closer to each other. What better way to do that than to get folks I know and don't know together for the first MobileCamp in London. The idea to arrange it was not mine, but came from Victor Szilagyi and Imran Ali, but I thought the idea was so good that it was worth implementing. Sign up here!

We are arranging the camp by Fjord offices, in the hearth of Soho, one of the most bubbling hubs of mobility design, media, advertising. I guess of convergence of everything. Fjord designers will be present, spend time helping to design some cool hacks. We will crate a stage for conversation where the brands are ’left’ at home and where the user is in the center. A week-end of brainstorming, networking and hacking is in store for the 100 who sign up.

It is also my great pleasure to announce that Orange, Nokia, TAT and OpenMoko are showing up with some cool stuff and helping to fund the event. I am being promised that they will mobilize the lab, and leave the propaganda at home. This is an event to in a simple grassrooth manner serve the users. Everything done during the week-end is open source and public.

So if you want to make some progress on your ideas, get some help on your design, discuss big or little thoughts, you should come.

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I hope some of the sessions are recorded. What I've always disliked about events is that a large number of us can not attend them. However all it takes is one man with a camera and a Google Video account to bring an experience that 100 people shared to a world of millions.

I hope Fjord can provide such content. I'm actually stopping by the Helsinki office tomorrow.

Posted by: Stefan Constantinescu at Sep 13, 2007 2:20:01 AM

Thanks for the shout out Christian :)

Posted by: Imran Ali at Sep 16, 2007 12:33:21 AM

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