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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mobile camp is live.

In the lab. . .
In the lab. . .

The finally started. I have been waiting for this week-end like a kid waits for Christmas. At least almost. Great crowd of friends and new people. Topics look great. I think this will be a week-end of brain training. The mood at the camp was great, we had a great turn up with about 100 people turning up during the week-end and a 60 person core from morning to night. We had a great debate on OpenMoko, open source HW and Open Source UI design. The guys from Openend Hand showed off their UI the designed for the device and the OLPC, where they done some windowing stuff. TAT showed off great experience demos on Nokia Series 60. There were two cool input methods, of one surfaced here. The camp was not overcrowded with talks and hence there was time to talk and learn. It seemed people want to have an encore next year. Lets see...

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Deep on Mobile

I believe great user experiences are born through a deep collaboration of the guys designing the interface and the guys writing the code. The more I do in mobile the more I tend to want to understand what happens in the engine room, it is hard. I feel this same frustration when I talk to designers. At the same time when I talk to guys writing code, they want to know he big picture. This gap I want to help to bridge. I want to bring these disciplines closer to each other. What better way to do that than to get folks I know and don't know together for the first MobileCamp in London. The idea to arrange it was not mine, but came from Victor Szilagyi and Imran Ali, but I thought the idea was so good that it was worth implementing. Sign up here!

We are arranging the camp by Fjord offices, in the hearth of Soho, one of the most bubbling hubs of mobility design, media, advertising. I guess of convergence of everything. Fjord designers will be present, spend time helping to design some cool hacks. We will crate a stage for conversation where the brands are ’left’ at home and where the user is in the center. A week-end of brainstorming, networking and hacking is in store for the 100 who sign up.

It is also my great pleasure to announce that Orange, Nokia, TAT and OpenMoko are showing up with some cool stuff and helping to fund the event. I am being promised that they will mobilize the lab, and leave the propaganda at home. This is an event to in a simple grassrooth manner serve the users. Everything done during the week-end is open source and public.

So if you want to make some progress on your ideas, get some help on your design, discuss big or little thoughts, you should come.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Joining Fjord - A hub of convergence

After a sabbatical traveling, being with the kids, building Lego and sailing it is time to return to industry. Time off gave me lots of opportunity to think where things are heading. We wanted to stay in London, like many we think it is the capital of the world or at least an amazing melting pot of trends and culture. I wanted to work on convergence with great people. This time this opportunity was closer to me than I thought. When Fjord asked if I wanted to join their board I instantly accepted. Here was a fantastic group of people working exactly in the domain of convergence. Fjord does mobile and web design and services for leading players in the industry. Over the course of our we realized that there was plenty of scope to so I joined as a partner and will spend the bulk of my time there. A small proportion of my time I will spend advising start-ups or players on product and mobile strategies as well as design. At Fjord I will help grow the business, do business development, some strategic consulting and look after their venturing activities. Their first spin-off Flirtomatic is already a good success in in the emerging lifestyle community space, generating more than 90M page view on mobile web in UK alone.

What makes Fjord truly unique is its understanding of convergence. It was founded by trio Mike Beeston, Mark Curtis and Olof Schybergson.  Mike is a veteran of the advertising industry and founder of what became Razorfish London and Mark is a pioneer in the interactive space and the CEO of Flirtomatic Olof a design genius, former creative director of Razorfish London. The Fjord team really understand the context behind different screens, the dynamic of mobile, the value of real-estate. This was why I hired them to help on Lifeblog and Yahoo Go 2.0. They have an office in the hearth of London's Soho and Helsinki and soon opening up in Berlin. Looking forward to working with you guys.  So if you are looking for kick-ass design look no further ;-)

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