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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mobile camp is live.

In the lab. . .
In the lab. . .

The finally started. I have been waiting for this week-end like a kid waits for Christmas. At least almost. Great crowd of friends and new people. Topics look great. I think this will be a week-end of brain training. The mood at the camp was great, we had a great turn up with about 100 people turning up during the week-end and a 60 person core from morning to night. We had a great debate on OpenMoko, open source HW and Open Source UI design. The guys from Openend Hand showed off their UI the designed for the device and the OLPC, where they done some windowing stuff. TAT showed off great experience demos on Nokia Series 60. There were two cool input methods, of one surfaced here. The camp was not overcrowded with talks and hence there was time to talk and learn. It seemed people want to have an encore next year. Lets see...

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