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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fragility of Digital Life

I am back on-line after a two week long outage. This was due to some old billing address with my provider coupled with a bit sloppy service at Saunalahti, my host provider. This combined with an upgrade to N95 8GB that went worse than expected, as I could not use the old Lifeblog 2.1 on it. This led me to export all my 30.000 items out of Lifeblog, make a back up, restore the back up. A full week-end of computing time. Soon the beta of Bootcamp expires, so I have to do another week-end of fiddling. The only thing I conclude is a digital archive is vulnerable, I have made decent back-up's of my Lifeblog, have some in London, some in Finland on several HD's etc. still I feel extremely fragile.

I am now starting to investigate what other SW I could use for digital archiving, I still have lots of RAW video that I would like to have unified. Much of my digital life is on the Mac platform, but I am not so fond of iPhoto from an archiving point of view, exporting the meta data is not possible. Some people recommend iView, I had one of the first ones and it was powerful 5 years ago. Using the Finder is not an option in my view, eventhough some purist think that is the only way to do it.

I am sure most people are worse prepared than I am, the funny thing is I do not think people think about it until the hard disk crashes.

Maybe I need to get myself a huge raid disk, unify all my assets onto that. I have more than 400GB of personal content. Would be cool to hear some creative solutions from any readers.

I need to consult my friends at the British Library, who are doing a very cool research project on digital lives, where I am an industry advisor, maybe they have some good advice for me.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

On December 14th the ultimate Tech Shootout begins on High Street

On December 14th Nokia is opening its flagship store on London’s Regents street exactly opposite to Apple’s European outpost. Apple on the west side, Nokia on the east. The Cowboy of Computing Steve Jobs has taken on the Sheriff of Nokia, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. It is the ultimate shootdown of technology. Earlier this week the Sheriff took out his latest round of ammunition ‘Comes with music’, an absolutely brilliant business model for music. The Sheriff distributes goods to most countries in the world, the Cowboy has his music store in 25 countries. The Cowboy taught us that we need lots of ammunition in the pocket, atleast a thousand songs. Both the Sheriff and the Cowboy think they should be the guardians of ease of use. The cowboy is sleek, everyone adores his products. The sheriff has his eyes everywhere, and everyone is buying his products. One will win, or will everyone win?

That depends entirely who you are. If you are budget constrained investor, then you need to make a choice to maximize profits. If you are someone passionate about great products and ease of use, it is not hard to see how the customer wins. Apple’s entry to the phone business and Nokia’s and Universal’s aggressive moves in the music is going to make the consumer a winner.

Take for example the N95 8GB, which is a rich variant of the N95, where a bigger battery, bigger screen and more storage + many SW improvements have been added, that in my eyes is a reaction to the Cowboys latest sharpshooter, the iPhone. The Sheriff rushed back to the lab and told his people, that he needs a better 'dialler' fast and the engineers delivered, same year as the N95 shipped the N958GB shipped. I think it was brilliant product tactics, not to call it N96, but the engineering effort in it was far greater than a normal variant, for example N80 vs. N80ie. If you read this far, I think you see why this shoot out is so good for consumers. Let the battle begin.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

A thought on the Temple of retail.

Thu 15/11/2007 16:13 New York.
Thu 15/11/2007 16:13 New York.

I finally had a chance to visit the Apple store or temple of technology few weeks ago. Amazing place. Taking a basement on 5th Ave. Not a prime piece of real-estate from a retail point of view. Getting an idea to make a staircase and elevator in a glass cube. Suddenly something magical happens and it is the centre piece of the square and a destination of worship from all over the world. I am blown away.

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