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Friday, February 08, 2008

At the Lift conference in Switzerland

Lift08_affiche_iphone_480x320_2 The past couple of days I have been spending at the Lift conference, a conference of thought, technology and entrepreneurship. It is one of the hot conferences in Europe, gathering people all over the world founded by Laurent Haug.

Bruce Sterling, the sci-fi writer, gave a somewhat lame keynote talk speculating on the ambitions of French President Zarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni. I enjoyed the talk of my former collague Yonghee Jung on research Nokia did in emerging markets, followed by Genevieve Bell, an Australian antropologist working at Intel, talking about some research she had done on the topic of lying and it implication on Internet and security. One of the sound bites I learned was that 10% of Myspace users are 100 years old, hardly true. I had a great discussion with Marc Laperrouza, a researcher on new technologies in China. Good conversations on motivations for blogging and sharing on-line with Bruno Giussani and Ouriel Ohayon. In the evening a great Fondue party. My local guides gave me a great tip: Drink black tea with Fondue, and it worked great no 'Boa-swallowed the rabbit'-effect during the night.

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