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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A new superb Lego house kit.

The tradition stands with the new generation house kits, it enables three in one.
The tradition stands with the new generation house kits, it enables three in one.
Karen is actively building with no help.
Karen is actively building with no help.

Lots of special pieces.
Lots of special pieces.
It features a nice garden.
It features a nice garden.

The Lego Creator team has again brought out a great kit, the Beach House (4996) this time a house in yellow grey with a black roof. Featuring the classic Velux roof windows another Danish invention. I asked Karen if this lit is for girls or boys and she said it is for girls. Her arguments were that it featured lots of flowers and house interior elements. My view is that it is great for any age or gender. The instructions are great and Karen 6 has no problems following them. looking back at the past kits the progress has been nice. What I would like to see is a Creator mini series around everyday things like furniture, pool kit, three kits anything allowing to decorate the cities. My assumption is that this series would appeal to grandparents wanting to gift Legos.

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Hi Christian

Glad that you love Lego. All good mobilists like logo! :) Did you hear that they are bringing out an iPhone app? How cool is that?

Paul G

Posted by: Paul Golding at Apr 2, 2008 3:16:46 PM

I am slightly certain they will learn a lot of new stuff here than anybody else!

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