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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My new gig - A columnist for Forbes

I recently made a deal with Forbes to become a technology columinst. A very exciting and challenging opportunity. Writing for this classic business publication is a real honour, when I started blogging I did not think it would lead to this. My first piece is can be read here. I decided to write a piece on how gadgets can be a remedy for recession, as disposable income decreases, people will look for other things to buy and there great gadgets will prevail, but only gadgets which acts as services can be financially sucessful.

My days are spent at Fjord and my other venture Tech21 Sensor, so I guess this will eat into sleep or good dining...

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

My iPhone 3G is like a prototype

Apple3giphonebattery During the past 13 years I have used maybe 100 different prototypes and my brand new iPhone 3G feels just like one of them. One of the classic characteristics of prototypes is poor battery life. Battery life is optimised last in the process and optimising it pays off. Since Apple is not selling the iPhone in Korea, they have probably not done any field testing.
When I arrived to Seoul with my new iPhone 3G on Monday morning, by 5PM the battery was flat, and I had not made any call, and tried hard not to use any roaming mobile data. It was practically just on Standby. Tuesday same was repeated. Today I had to charge it during lunch. I mentioned this to a guy living in Japan and he said he had same problem, he could not take it out at night as it would run out of battery. He said people have the iPhone in Japan as a second phone.
I decided to upgrade my iPod 32GB Touch to the 16GB iPhone essentially to support a new business, but also to have data available when I need it. I guess I felt that Wi-Fi is just too patchy. Now I regret it.
I am really unhappy, I don’t like to pay for prototypes. The iPhone has been unusable during my Korea trip.
My dilemma is. Can I actually take it back and claim I do not get the promised standby or talk times, mine are so ff that the shop will think I am insane, and when I claim I use it in Korea they will probably say though luck, your contract is with O2 an we only guarantee it living up to its promises in UK, yet they still will be happy to make money on me while abroad.
I am puzzled, what should I do? I turn to you my dear smart readers. Help me.

Update in November; I have now tested the iPhone 2.1 SW in France, Finland, UK and it is a clear improvement, it is more stable and bettery life is better. 

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