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Monday, October 20, 2008

I finally experienced the recession

I have wondered when I really experience the recession, it happened last Friday. I had a business dinner, at the fancy RhodesW1, off Marble Arch in the Cumberland Hotel. This is a posh place, and has been very popular for some time. It has one star in Guide Michelin. I had booked a table on Wednesday for Friday night, I managed to get a table for 9PM. When we arrived an hour early we ask humbly if we could dine a bit earlier, expecting to be squeezed in midst first serving. Walking into the restaurant,  it was practically empty, and worst it remained so for the whole evening. I finally touched the recession, it was bound to start at the high-end.

Despite the lack of fellow diners the evening was a success. The serivice was attentive, the food was good, not stunning, as one might expect in a place like this. I politely asked if they felt the crunch, and the waitor, a bit embarrassed shun the subject, but admitted that it was more quiet. I think that was an understatement, they had slammed into a wall. In the past years it used to be impossible to get a table at these places with a couple of days notice.

What re-inforced the crunch was an unexpected sale at one of the childrens shop, where I been buying girls wear. They flagged a short -25% off on everything. Again the lady in the clothing shop admitted that there are better and there are worse days. I suspect much of retail could look grim this winter.

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