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Sunday, November 30, 2008

L'Autre Pied restaurant does not come with foot in the mouth

R0010465 R0010479 R0010469_2 It has been a while since I was blown away by food in London. It happened decisivly at L'Autre Pied. The cuisine was very fresh, architectural and light. There was fun combinations, rich colour and the attention to detail was great. We were met by very friendly service. I ordered some wine for the table and the red I was recommended was not tasking good. We passed the glass around and concluded that the wine was not to our liking, yet we agreed it was not spoiled. They took it out and brought another. I was impressed, no fuss truly professional service. I have never sent out a bottle that I did not like before, but I am convinced it would have ruined what became a wonderful dining experience.

We had most of the dishes on the menu as we were a company of 7 and I tasted most and it was one delight after another. I loved my Risotto, served in a small casserole on the side, a clever move as risotto generally is not so decorative.

The food was filled with aroma and the air was clean enough to let it savor into the nostrils for a rich moving experience. I have lately become a bit sceptically with over designed dishes, but here the high design was followed with a warm rich taste and finally a light feeling in the stomach. This kind of sensations I think one only has in very classic two star type restaurants, kind of culinary palaces like the Palme D'Or I wrote about some time ago.

The big difference between L'Autre Pied and Palme D'Or is that the wallet will feel the diet. L'Autre Pied is a restaurant in upwardly motion and I bet it will have a star in Guide Michelin in the next year of two, if they keep up the good work.

The only disappointment was the Crumble which I think was over designed and too crunchy for my taste. It however brought my thoughts to the Danish desert Able kaege my mother makes, which does beat that desert flat out. On the other hand if a desert makes you think of your mothers and grand mothers cuisine that is an achievement in itself.

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