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Monday, November 03, 2008

Marek Pawlowski writes up his very negative G1 Experience - well worth a read.

Marek Pawlowski got a Google phone from T-Mobile, it was not a pretty experience. I hope this was a one off mishap. Looking forward to geting one.

"It took 18 hours and 4 phone calls to technical support for me to activate my G1 in the UK. However, once the device was finally working, I needed just a few minutes to conclude Google and T-Mobile have missed a huge opportunity to demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the mobile user experience."

Read his full story here. Considering that he was on BBC talking about the Google phone, I found it utterly amazing that T-Mobile had not seeded him with a phone to avoid this exposure. As I know Marek, he is not out to haunt anyone, or generally negative, making this so much more serious.

I recently did a two minute touch the Google phone and it seemed promising, so looking forward getting one.

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