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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nokia N97 looks promising. Thinner than expected.

A nice slide and plop up design.
A nice slide and plop up design.
Big 1500mAh battery should help alot.
Big 1500mAh battery should help alot.

I have been waiting for this concept which is a natural and logical design. From the pictures it looked a bit fat. When touching it it was thinner and lighter. The HW felt good in the hand. On SW side it is an evolution of the Tube SW with nice idle widget concept, seems more and more content moves to idle. Still resistive touch, with its cronic issues. The device is a nice, major step up from N95. It is atleast a challenger to iPhone. I am of the opinion that a one box solution needs a qwerty. Nokia's Qwerty attach should be felt very hard in Canada at RIM. I do think that the generation that grew up as kids on sms using t9 are now starting to use qwerty devices. I often hear, I cannot go back to a 9-key keyboard anymore.

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I take it you mean N97 ;-)

Posted by: Stefan Constantinescu at Dec 2, 2008 9:14:03 PM

Christian, did you try the QWERTY? How did it feel like compared to Nokia E90 or N810? Can you compare?

Many have been suspicious, because there are just three rows of keys.

I still haven't seen or tried N97, so I can't comment.

Posted by: Tero Lehto at Dec 5, 2008 3:50:04 AM

Many have been suspicious, because there are just three rows of keys.

I still haven't seen or tried N97, so I can't comment

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