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Monday, April 06, 2009

All you can eat in the digital space - Amazon Prime

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I have been an Amazon Prime user for some time now, and it struck me what a magnificent loyalty tool this is. For me there is some weird greed-maximize-my-saving-mechanism kicking off, much like going to one of those asian or italian all you can eat for €9.90 buffet places. Amazon Prime is the same thing in the digital space, except it does not come with tummy ache.

You pay to save on your shipping. I do love the concept, it has for me worked exactly like Amazon inteneded it, to drive loyalty. Amazon Prime drives me back to Amazon, much more than I went there in the past. Much more than any offer for discounts.

It is innovations like this that gradually turns Amazon into the digital global Wallmart. I would be curious to hear how it works for others Prime subscribers, what are your experiences?
The next step would be to collect it to a mobile app, where one walks around in the physical world "shopmarking" things that one later can shop at Amazon with Prime delivery.

A terrible thought for all those retailers putting their products on display, but some clever retailer would quickly evolve into some kind of museum type retail experiences where people just browse and "shopmark" and then have the shippers compete for the business. Retail people would argue, people like getting things right away, but with Amazon Prime someone carries it home the next day, pretty darn nice for alot of stuff. I have not seen this kind of 'physical shopping catalogue' anywhere, it could be pretty darn space efficient way to do retailing.

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We're now on our second year of Amazon Prime membership and, yes, the effect has been extraordinary: it's very easy, addictive and, even with the vagaries of the UK postal service (delivery is next day within London but can be the-day-after-the-next-day out in the sticks), it's quick. Add in the Amazon Mastercard and its loyalty points ... I'm reading more books than ever (the ease of immediately following up a recommendation and reading something whilst you're still hot on the trail).

As for the mobile app, there's the Amazon App. Alas, only US as yet.


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