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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The hottest conference on mobile this summer is Open Mobile Summit


The conference scene has changed alot due to the recession and it looks like there is some focus on fewer and better events. One which I have great anticipations for is Open Mobile Summit. This conference is small, intimate and has managed to draw some of the most interesting people in the ecosystem together. I will be speaking on a topic related to media: Mobile: The next mass media? Amplifying weak signals, it is on day one at 2.00-2.30 I plan to share some insights we got from designing the BBC iPlayer and how we see content and communication fuse into new experiences. I will discuss how content can foster and stimulate conversation. I will try to mix a bit of vision with learning’s from the gutter. If you are thinking of attending, I suggest that you take advantage of this discount code ChrisL01, it should give you some nice benefit, if the code does not work, leave a comment and we can sort it out.

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