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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hannu Pirskanen - One of the world's great UI designers dies suddenly

One of the greatest UI designers Hannu Pirskanen died suddenly last week-end in his hometown Oulu in Finland. Hannu was the chief designer in the early phase of Series 60 and in many ways the Chief UI designer of the 6110 UI.

Hannu was not known to the outside world, but his designs have touched more than 1/6 of the human population so if you ever used a Nokia it had a small part of Hannu in it. At Nokia he was respected for his ability to simplify incredible complexity.

Hannu was a brilliant mix of bulldozer and team player. He managed to get the best out of people by showing incredible dedication to perfecting things. I learned many things about UI from him and we iterated, debated, created and argued allways in good spirit, always thinking of the user. He loved the Nokia users.

I just wanted to thank you. You will live in my memories and your work in the pockets of the human population.

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