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Monday, April 12, 2010

Though headphones

It has been a while since I was really pleased with a set of headphones. I got the new Bose headphones with microphone and the sound is so much richer than the Etymotic hf2, the Apple in ear. Yesterday they decided to take a bath. In the washing machine, the amazing thing is that they are fine! That is what I call stress test.

Though headphones

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Breakfast with the iPad

Yesterday I got my iPad thanks to swift actions by my friend Prashant. Setting it up was a nightmare, as it started synch after basic set up. The iTunes UK store does not acknowledge the iPad except that the Kindle app was upgraded. I had to load content first and then log into the store in US using a gift card I got. This is a tempory solution, as one is really locked to the store where one bought stuff first.

What do I think? It was smaller than I thought, but the weight is a real problem. It is too heavy to qualify as my mobile casual computer. All the women I have shown it too thinks it is too heavy. It is hard to think how one can shave off 200g which would take it down to 500g or 1lb which is a magic limit in my for one handed casuality. This means it becomes more of a home computer. For me it is the monoblock of computers. Cheap to make and with iPhone OS it is battery efficient and most important Apple can monetize all SW and HW add ons. Clever!

What I need a iPod Maxi with a 5"-5.5" that still fits in the pocket, and I do not think this is in their roadmap, would split the platform in 3 segments. Now they have two small and large.





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