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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Join me at Open Mobile Summit

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One of my favourite events in the mobile space is Open Mobile Summit. What makes it special is the crowds it draws, the key shakers and movers. I have been speaking twice before and I will return again on the stage to give a talk about Tablets. I plan to share some views on the evolution of the category aswell as some insights we at Fjord have had working on tablet projects.

To make this event even more special Fjord and Open Mobile Summit has teamed up to record the summit and produce a set of unique conference notes.  Sort of Richard Sacarry meets Open Mobile Summit. Our researchers will record the sessions and during the breaks record views of the audience in a series of video interviews. This way we collect a holistic view of the conference. This booklet will be delivered to participants after the conference. The insights and views will also be integrated to Fjordcasters for subscribers of that service.

Do join me on the 26-27th of May in London. For a small discount quote my blog when you register. See you at OPM

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A Single Hand Operated Tablet

I have just seen your February article, The best way to beat the iPhone? Don’t try to copy it. I see you have also written about the importance of single hand user interface here on your blog.

I have invented the iPhone Killer.
iPhone Killer will create over 20 million people a year who will never learn to type on a QWERTY keyboard, or require a table or chair in order to type.

Like a TV remote control iPhone Killer is operated with only one hand, without looking at it, and unlike the iPhone it types just as fast as two hands on a full size keyboard and mouse. It takes only one day to learn instead of the months people spend developing their typing speed on a full size keyboard.

These more than 20 million people a year will demand smartphones and laptops equipped with iPhone Killer; rejecting QWERTY keyboards, thumb-pads, and touch-screens. Many smartphones do not sell that many units in an entire year. This large market will cause smartphone and laptop manufactures to license iPhone Killer and take it to scale for us.

It will eventually grow to over a billion units per year including calculators, remote controls, cash registers, laptops, and smartphones.

The challenge I am experiencing now is finding 10 to 20 investors to put in $50k each who are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement as I do not have the patents yet.

Do you know investors who believe in the importance of single-hand operation and are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

My website is incomplete but you can see some of my arguments at

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