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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open Mobile Summit is soon here again


Open Mobile Summit has been a favorite of mine in the mobile conference scene. It is one of the only conferences that glue bluechip top management, with hot start-up CEOs around interesting themes. This year we will have Stephen Elop on the stage. The lineup is pretty stellar again. I also like the fact that Robin Batt,  is able to get the product guys on stage, the folks who actually make the stuff we use, who delicately balance the business needs, with the UX and the scarse engineering resource. Their stories are superbly interesting. Last year she had Gustav Söderström from Spotify on stage, sharing how they plan to make Spotify more sticky and social, now you can see the fruits of that work. 

To show our appriciation of the conference, we are rolling in the designers to document the event into a conference conversation. If you attended the event in November in San Francisco, you could not have avoided seeing the gigant murals we created at the back of the conference room. 

Open Mobile Summit pages can be found here. If you leave a comment, and are interested in joining, I do have some specials, that Robin kindly let me pass on to readers.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Breakfast with iPad 2

Two weeks ago the iPad 2 came home and I decided to have a breakfast with it. The cutlery has not changed, menu similar to last year, but I am now reading Flipboard instead of Time. Time was a bit symbolic last year with Steve Jobs on the cover. Noe I decided to honour the one app that has captured most timeshare in this classic still life. Maybe this becomes a tradition.

What has happened in the past year. One big change is that I stopped liking papers, their UI is just plainly inferior, noisy, big and not up to date. I find that I buy FT occasionally during week-ends, but I do not read it, just brush through it. It's format is way too big.

I also thought I would read more books on the iPad, I don't I prefer Kindle. I thought I would dwell in
magazines, I don't and now my few copies of Wired are flushed into cyberspace. Do I care enough to get in touch with customer care, probably not, rather keep few extra GBs free. I also miss my Economists. I would love to have an Economist app that allows me to extract articles, by the
Magazine, and get recommendations for articles from friends that they could occasionally gift me or that I could buy. I would over time get very loyal to my Economist library. Happy to
design it for you if you want to do it Economist quality.

The iPad 2 is better in many ways, but it is incremental, what I like most is my beige leather cover that ages and gets patina. It is my first gadget that gets patina and that ladies and gentlemen is huge. Next I want smarter covers, like I explained in my previous post and a proper AirTunes or and AirPhoto.

Breakfast with iPad 2

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