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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nike ID is a moving experience – Custom could stimulate care.

Nike Free Run
Since the early nineties when Joe Pine, published his seminal book on mass customization, I have been a fan of him. I had the chance to get to know him. He has time after time been a re-occurring inspiration for me.

As running has become a new hobby of mine, I want to be able to combine running and handluggage travel., Thus shoes had to shrink. At a jogging event, I studied the different models, and realized that the Nike Free runs would be my choice. I did not like the colours and saw my opportunity to live mass customization of Nike ID. Live the vision of Joe Pine.

The Nike ID concept is not a new thing. It has been live for more than 7 years. Today it offer amazing opportunities to design your own shoes. Shoes for a segment of one – Me. This is a moving experience. What blows me away is that there is no significant premium. I guess over the years some novelty value has worn off. When I start to think of what is going on I am still blown away. I design my own shoes and it does not blow the budget.

Bespoke clothing is not new, it was how clothing started. Today Bespoke is seen as luxury. The Nike ID experience is a very solid service experience, it has a clear and powerful proposition. You see the shoe in 3D, you can make own lables, you can even combine different element of different shoes. It is killer sophisticated and I recommend testing it if you have not done it before.

Joe, you were right this is the ultimate for of consumerism, these shoes are unique, they are designed by me, for me. It will be interesting to see if I will care & nurture for them more, due to the fact that I spent time thinking and designing them. There is a small piece of me in them.

Mass consumerism brings about a neglectence in the relationship to the object. A shirt bought, has little of you in it, so you just use it, you don’t care for it. If you take the effort to put skin in the game, then you probably increase the effort of care. If we would consume better and custom, would might stimulate care, and thus prolong the life cycle of objects, and subsequently use less resources as in most cases time and money are finite resources. If this would become the norm done on an aggregate scale it could become a green trend. Lets see.






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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finns are really not as inconsiderate as Helena Eronen. Shame on you!

There has been a very distrubing blogpost written by Helena Eronen yesterday. She is an aid to a member of parlaiment James Hirvesaari. You can google translate the Helsingin Sanomat reference to the original post, now removed, why?. In it she suggested that minorities and ethnic people living in Finland should wear armbands, like jews wore in the Nazi Germany. This is such an absurd idea, that I urge Helena to resign or to James Hirvessaari to fire her. 

I really do not think Finns are this stupid.

There are so many distrubing elements to this blogpost. First, if you blog, you blog. That means you put something out forever and you should be able to stand by it. The web does not forget. The whole point with blogging is you are your own editor and the rest of the web is your judge. If you write clever things you will be praised if you write stupid things you will be disliked. Once you press publish it is there forever. Every idea that one gets into ones head, might not be worth publishing. You are what you blog. Google, Facebook and Twitter makes it discoverable.

My second point about this blogpost is a total disqust. As a Swedish speaking Finnish Dane working globally, who trives from cultural diversity, who is liberal regarding sexual minorities, who is passionate about the good things in the Nordics and paranoid about the future (no natural resources, people getting lazier, I know Norway has oil, does not solve much.), this kind of writing makes me puke.

I sincerely appologize as a Finn to all my foreign friends living in Finland. Helena Eronen is an exception and should pay the price with her reputation. 

Having these kind of workers in our government is a disgrace. What makes the world so interesting is that we have different cultures and rituals that we do not understand, that gives anyone interested an opportunity to learn. Learning is one essence of life.

Looking a very narrow example; Starbuck's, British Airways and English language. If these things would be everywhere the world would be a dull place. For reference, I am huge fan and regular of both Starbuck's and British Airways and English is how I communicate on-line. I just do not want the things I like to be omnipresent. Diversity Rules! 

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

A MegaAge breakfast with iPad 3

Breakfast with iPad 3
The iPad 3 with its high resolution display is the first MegaAge mobile computer, one that is providing a Hi-Fi experience. My iPad arrived mid March and the digital life migrated into it. This iPad is my fourth one and a completely natural part of my life. I use it for business as well as pleasure and it follows me everywhere. The Laptop has been relagated to crunch tool. In fact I feel that the Mac feel old. The newest of the Macs at home is the Mac Mini and upgrading it last fall was a real dissapointment, everyone thought it was a slow laggard. I decided to rescue the situation with a boost of RAM to 8GB, luckily it helped, it probably also wants a solid state drive. What really blows my mind is I have about 1.8M more pixels on the iPad compared to my Macbook Air and it does not feel sluggish.

MegaAge is the first hi-fidelity digital era, bringing massive boost in quality of content and quality of experience. We want MegaAge experiences. The first ones emerging were HD movies, and now you expect to see movies and TV programmes in HD. MegaAge content should be enjoyed on big screens, in screens bigger is better, 10 years ago 32" was a big TV and now this would be 55" The latest Samsung and LGs are also going MegaAge with resolution. In a not too distant future we look at 100" being big.

Digital cameras and camcorders are pushing into 20 Mega pixels and most shoot HD 1080p video. The newest smartphones have leaped into the mega age. Nokia with a 41MP image sensor, producing amazing images, at full resolution is 10MB. Why should we not enjoy stunning images, video and content. This kind of leaps create experience transformations. The mega age devices challenge print for the first time. There is no reason why digital should be worse than print.

At the core of mega age is the simple concept of More is better. There is a very famous experiment with seagull chicks where scientist painted two red dots on a wooden stick instead of the single one on the beek of the seagull. The result is that he chicks pick at the two dot stick with frenetic intensity, much more than at the beek of the seagull. If the seagulls brain works like this, why would ours not. Professor Nigel Spivey beautifully demonstrated the intrest for more and exaggeration in his seminal documentary How Art Made the World. One of the senior designers at Fjord, Ossi Alho, captured this beautifully, when you enter MegaAge there is no way back. I have to agree with him.

The MegaAge comes with a darkside, the file sizes are exploading past the capability of storage and network. Couple weeks ago I was making some MegaAge slides, in fact 17 of them, it was a little report on the Mobile World Congress. It had rich detailed photography, it became a monsterous 220Mb file. The end product was a 1.5Mb pdf, what a loss. I had done something better, and delivered less. I wanted to give more, but I could not. Our networks, infrastructure of connectivity is not ready for MegaAge. Neither is our services, YouSendIt has a limit of sending 50MB files for free, and Gmail enables you to send 20MB in a mail. I could pay to send more via YouSendIt, but the business model is not following, I do not benefit from sending the higher res file. I suspect we will get network capacity problems in the mega age.

You might argue that MegaAge is nonsense, but lets look at more evidence evidence. The new Keynote on the iPad is 327 Mb where it was 110 Mb, the new Pages is 269 Mb compared to 95Mb. There seems to be a 3x size increase in visually rich apps if the apps take full advantage of the retina display and include high res content like video tutorials. If we assume that there is 4x as many pixels, one could argue that the digital magazines should also go MegaAge and boosting size to 2Gb for an issue of Wired.

Why should it be less, the raw material is anyway better. MegaAge is an age of more, more is more. More is better. You cannot argue with quality, no one wants to look at a low res photo if a high res version is available. The only rationale for lower res, would be to argue that it is art. Think of Instagram.

The iPad is now great video screen, enabling HD quality experience, the only problem is that 64GB is giving limited choice. Streaming is not an option on a mobile device hopping from base station to base station. My new iPad will become my photoeditor, a sort of sortstation for good images and bad ones, and then a bit of editing. Will be interesting to see if it has enough horse power to manage content in the MegaAge. But I suspect visual impact will trumph speed, storage and processing power, and hence the iPad 3 is the start of something new in computing. How exciting!

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