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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nike ID is a moving experience – Custom could stimulate care.

Nike Free Run
Since the early nineties when Joe Pine, published his seminal book on mass customization, I have been a fan of him. I had the chance to get to know him. He has time after time been a re-occurring inspiration for me.

As running has become a new hobby of mine, I want to be able to combine running and handluggage travel., Thus shoes had to shrink. At a jogging event, I studied the different models, and realized that the Nike Free runs would be my choice. I did not like the colours and saw my opportunity to live mass customization of Nike ID. Live the vision of Joe Pine.

The Nike ID concept is not a new thing. It has been live for more than 7 years. Today it offer amazing opportunities to design your own shoes. Shoes for a segment of one – Me. This is a moving experience. What blows me away is that there is no significant premium. I guess over the years some novelty value has worn off. When I start to think of what is going on I am still blown away. I design my own shoes and it does not blow the budget.

Bespoke clothing is not new, it was how clothing started. Today Bespoke is seen as luxury. The Nike ID experience is a very solid service experience, it has a clear and powerful proposition. You see the shoe in 3D, you can make own lables, you can even combine different element of different shoes. It is killer sophisticated and I recommend testing it if you have not done it before.

Joe, you were right this is the ultimate for of consumerism, these shoes are unique, they are designed by me, for me. It will be interesting to see if I will care & nurture for them more, due to the fact that I spent time thinking and designing them. There is a small piece of me in them.

Mass consumerism brings about a neglectence in the relationship to the object. A shirt bought, has little of you in it, so you just use it, you don’t care for it. If you take the effort to put skin in the game, then you probably increase the effort of care. If we would consume better and custom, would might stimulate care, and thus prolong the life cycle of objects, and subsequently use less resources as in most cases time and money are finite resources. If this would become the norm done on an aggregate scale it could become a green trend. Lets see.






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