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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wearables pioneer Polar goes casual with Loop

I have to say I love that Polar decided to go into armbands with Loop. They are the pioneer of wearable sports instruments, respected, broad distribution globally. With its agressive price point and neutral styling I think it will win over many Polar fans and get them to wear it daily. The name is casual, gone are the geeky 'RCX5' type names, gone is the watch formfactor. Here is a great detailed review with picture. The fact that it is a 24/7 wearable is significant, making it watertight is key. 

Polar loop

Technically Loop is not huge leap compared to the Fuelband, but I do not see that prohibiting sales. 

Its conversational experience of suggesting what to do, could set off a trend towards the soulmate, the device that knows more about you than you know yourself. The gadget that talks to you, because it cares about you.

I have been a fan of Nike Fuelband from the day it was launched and seeing Polar taking inspiration of it, just confirms the potential of the category. Armbands will be the main formfactor of wearables as they complement watches rather than tries to substitute them.

I can't wait to test one; Polar Loop welcome to the market, let the industry commence.


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