Moving experiences / Family

My family in a nutshell

After six years in London I moved back to Finland in beginning of October. I live in Grankulla with my family. Grankulla is a small suburb outside of Helsinki about 30 min from downtown. It is the city where I grew up ironically. It is a nice a small community.

We renovated a classic terracehouse in Grankulla with room for our four children Bernhard 16 years and Sofia 15, Karen 11 and Maud 7. Sometimes we have 4 kids and lots of buzz and noise, sometimes no kids as they are with their respective fathers and mothers. A fusion family is a fantastic living lab of what is hot and what is not, about learning to see different points of view. We have built a gadget lab in the library where we can experiment with new stuff, all kids have some favourite gadgets and daddy has his toys, unlike most libraries ours is loud and lively.

When we are all together we spend time around the dinner table or brunch table. Food is the main thing unifying us, and we put lots of effort in making sure the kids learn about food, nutrition. A dinner or brunch is almost always longer than an hour and it provides an institution of conversation.

During the summer we go sailing, making sure we do a pitstop at our island, a nature reserve in the archipelago on the east side of the Åland island. Only infrastructure is a 3G network.