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Thursday, September 04, 2008

My iPhone 3G is like a prototype

Apple3giphonebattery During the past 13 years I have used maybe 100 different prototypes and my brand new iPhone 3G feels just like one of them. One of the classic characteristics of prototypes is poor battery life. Battery life is optimised last in the process and optimising it pays off. Since Apple is not selling the iPhone in Korea, they have probably not done any field testing.
When I arrived to Seoul with my new iPhone 3G on Monday morning, by 5PM the battery was flat, and I had not made any call, and tried hard not to use any roaming mobile data. It was practically just on Standby. Tuesday same was repeated. Today I had to charge it during lunch. I mentioned this to a guy living in Japan and he said he had same problem, he could not take it out at night as it would run out of battery. He said people have the iPhone in Japan as a second phone.
I decided to upgrade my iPod 32GB Touch to the 16GB iPhone essentially to support a new business, but also to have data available when I need it. I guess I felt that Wi-Fi is just too patchy. Now I regret it.
I am really unhappy, I don’t like to pay for prototypes. The iPhone has been unusable during my Korea trip.
My dilemma is. Can I actually take it back and claim I do not get the promised standby or talk times, mine are so ff that the shop will think I am insane, and when I claim I use it in Korea they will probably say though luck, your contract is with O2 an we only guarantee it living up to its promises in UK, yet they still will be happy to make money on me while abroad.
I am puzzled, what should I do? I turn to you my dear smart readers. Help me.

Update in November; I have now tested the iPhone 2.1 SW in France, Finland, UK and it is a clear improvement, it is more stable and bettery life is better. 

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Monday, October 15, 2007

In San Francisco for Mobile 2.0 Conference

Mob_20 I am in San Francisco for the Mobile Web 2.0 conference and a week of meeting people talking convergence and mobile.

If you want to meet, drop a mail or text on +1 510 735 71 26 and we can connect.

Participated on the panel on user experience. Key messages:

  • Mobile is the cheapest object of personal aspiration.
  • A key topic in mobile convergence experience is identifying the seams (legal, brand, technical etc.)

On Wednesday and Thursday I will be hanging out around the Web 2.0 Expo like many others.... Good opportunites to meet.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Deep on Mobile

I believe great user experiences are born through a deep collaboration of the guys designing the interface and the guys writing the code. The more I do in mobile the more I tend to want to understand what happens in the engine room, it is hard. I feel this same frustration when I talk to designers. At the same time when I talk to guys writing code, they want to know he big picture. This gap I want to help to bridge. I want to bring these disciplines closer to each other. What better way to do that than to get folks I know and don't know together for the first MobileCamp in London. The idea to arrange it was not mine, but came from Victor Szilagyi and Imran Ali, but I thought the idea was so good that it was worth implementing. Sign up here!

We are arranging the camp by Fjord offices, in the hearth of Soho, one of the most bubbling hubs of mobility design, media, advertising. I guess of convergence of everything. Fjord designers will be present, spend time helping to design some cool hacks. We will crate a stage for conversation where the brands are ’left’ at home and where the user is in the center. A week-end of brainstorming, networking and hacking is in store for the 100 who sign up.

It is also my great pleasure to announce that Orange, Nokia, TAT and OpenMoko are showing up with some cool stuff and helping to fund the event. I am being promised that they will mobilize the lab, and leave the propaganda at home. This is an event to in a simple grassrooth manner serve the users. Everything done during the week-end is open source and public.

So if you want to make some progress on your ideas, get some help on your design, discuss big or little thoughts, you should come.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Joining Fjord - A hub of convergence

After a sabbatical traveling, being with the kids, building Lego and sailing it is time to return to industry. Time off gave me lots of opportunity to think where things are heading. We wanted to stay in London, like many we think it is the capital of the world or at least an amazing melting pot of trends and culture. I wanted to work on convergence with great people. This time this opportunity was closer to me than I thought. When Fjord asked if I wanted to join their board I instantly accepted. Here was a fantastic group of people working exactly in the domain of convergence. Fjord does mobile and web design and services for leading players in the industry. Over the course of our we realized that there was plenty of scope to so I joined as a partner and will spend the bulk of my time there. A small proportion of my time I will spend advising start-ups or players on product and mobile strategies as well as design. At Fjord I will help grow the business, do business development, some strategic consulting and look after their venturing activities. Their first spin-off Flirtomatic is already a good success in in the emerging lifestyle community space, generating more than 90M page view on mobile web in UK alone.

What makes Fjord truly unique is its understanding of convergence. It was founded by trio Mike Beeston, Mark Curtis and Olof Schybergson.  Mike is a veteran of the advertising industry and founder of what became Razorfish London and Mark is a pioneer in the interactive space and the CEO of Flirtomatic Olof a design genius, former creative director of Razorfish London. The Fjord team really understand the context behind different screens, the dynamic of mobile, the value of real-estate. This was why I hired them to help on Lifeblog and Yahoo Go 2.0. They have an office in the hearth of London's Soho and Helsinki and soon opening up in Berlin. Looking forward to working with you guys.  So if you are looking for kick-ass design look no further ;-)

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Friday, January 26, 2007

2007, a time for change. Leaving Yahoo

Since late last year I decided to leave Yahoo. I will take a bit of time off to play with the girls, hangout with my wife and meet friends. During spring we plan to complete a big Lego City project we decided to build. A city the size of a door is being built. Complete with a castle, canal, church, some family homes and high street with shops. When not Legoing, I will think about the future of mobility, convergence and internet, so if you want to have a chat, send me a mail or call my mobil. You find latest contact info in the about me page. I am mostly in London during spring. I will be in Barcelona for 3GSM. Later in the spring I will do a trip to US among other saying goodbye to my friends at Yahoo Sunnyvale.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

This week is the annual bash at 3GSM in Barcelona.

I am not sure if I think the move to Barcelona was a great one.
I am not sure if I think the move to Barcelona was a great one.
Palace of shows.
Palace of shows.

I am looking forward to the week in Barcelona, a city dear to me. People say that 3GSM is all about the people. Since the people are here we will be able to see what location does. What I am hoping to see is good Java based client server solutions. It is finally possible to make them. Furthermore I hope to see some interesting transformers. The first impression is more like Cebit. The stands are bigger. More air, and many halls. . .

The conclusion of the show is that Cannes is a better location. I did not like the "Mini Cebit" feel that several people coined. The lack of casual cafes, restaurants dropped a couple points of my score.

Since i heard that the GSMA has made a several year comitment to Barcelona, I guess I will be back.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I have seen my Future. It’s at Yahoo!

16074_kuva499After 10 fantastic years at Nokia I have decided to quit. As of September 12th I will join Yahoo! as VP of Global Mobile Product first based in London and then moving to California late in 2006. This opportunity will allow me to increase my competence in the Internet domain, the area where I envision lots of growth and innovation coming from in the next years. The job will allow me to leverage my understanding of mobility, mobile devices and their users. I think this will become an amazing learning and creation journey.

This move will mean a total life transformation. Our family will move to London and later to California. My wife, I and our two daughters will experience a different culture, something I grew up with through my Danish mother. I believe that in global world it is crucial to have a international background. I was fortunate to have lived in Finland, United States, Denmark, and United Kingdom before I was thirty and now I have been living in Finland for the past ten years. It felt time to move abroad and try something new.

Leaving Nokia is very emotional, a company I have seen grow, prosper. A culture which has been a strong part of my identity will become a vivid memory. I think it is now a good time to leave; Nokia is in my opinion in good shape. The high end, driven by the multimedia group is making money, the products are cool and they are consumed by millions.  The new Nseries sub-brand should create good momentum, and with Anssi Vanjoki at the helm you can count on an innovative drive. The Mobile Phones group with Kai Öistämö at the helm, an old close colleague of mine, has got mid range back in shape. The low-end in emerging markets is a very interesting innovation and growth opportunity. My old boss and mentor Erik Anderson came back early August eager to do some cool phones. Enterprise Solutions is a question mark for me. I see more and more little Communicators and the users seem very pleased. Finally Networks has new management, which should be good as there is lots of work to be done. A collective thanks to all my former colleagues who taught me so much. Keep on connecting people!

So why change Nokia for Yahoo! There are three reasons:

1. Yahoo! is a great company.
Yahoo! is a perfect blend of a communication and content company, filled with humble, very smart and dedicated passionate people. I had a rare opportunity to meet most of the management team and the two founders. One of the things I probed with them was trust. The fact that people trust Yahoo! with some of their most valuable content, photos, e-mails and their blogs put a lot of pressure on Yahoo! to retain integrity and ensure things are not lost in cyberspace. This is something I am very dedicated to work towards. Here the humble culture of Yahoo! makes a great foundation.

2. Internet is the big growth opportunity and I think big players will score big.
We are at dawn in a Web 2.0, a phase when Internet will transform tremendously. Small players will be able to reach global audiences; big players will reach small developers with their open API’s. It will be a time of rapid innovation, here Yahoo! is very well positioned with big user base and strong brand.

3. I believe Yahoo! really want to crack mobile internet nut.
In the next 5 years the Internet will be accessed as naturally on a pocketable device as on a bag sized laptop. In my opinion no one has cracked how to put Internet in the pocket. I do not have the answer, but I have the passion and dedication to try to crack it and I see no better place to have a go at it than at Yahoo!

Let the future begin…

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Juha Pinomaa should be good for Suunto

My former colleague and briefly my boss Juha Pinomaa has been selected to be the new CEO of Suunto, the maker of sports wearables and fine navigation instruments.

I have been following the company for some time and particularly their wearable products, I am not sure their strategy of going after different sports is a great one, as there is too little synergy to platformize the offerings.

I think Juha could be a breath of fresh air at Suunto. He is a very smart guy and a hard worker. I think his key strenghts are in marketing, branding and creating good processes. I think he might have the discipline needed to grow the company. Where he could need some help is in product creation and design. He is not in my mind the 'product maker', but those he can hire to his team.

My problem with wearables and particularly the Suunto ones, which I have worn on my wrist from February 2001 until spring of this year when I switched to rival Polar, is their usability. They have no overall UI logic as they overload each button in each state of the UI, making the total experience a mess. Do less better is my simple advice. I still make mistakes when setting alarms, adjusting dual times or other simple tasks like that. I know, I am embarrassed to admit it. The GPS and using it for navigation is hampered by the fact that the battery only last about 4h. As a cruising sailor I sail between 5-10h days depending whether kids are on board or not....

I am not to optimistic that the 'Up - Down-Yes-No' paradigm, know from phones is functioning in a wearable. It gets to hierarchical and as the buttons are too small and not ergonomic enough to press frequently. It makes the whole experience is very techie. Some general leap of innovation is needed in this domain, longterm I think wearable will be on the wrist.

Whether Juha will succeed or fail in his new job is largely dependent on the new generation they have in their pipeline. Maybe something including this. If that generation is good, he has a chance to  succeed, if it is not I am more prone to think he will fail. When a small company does two generations of failed products it puts them out of business. I hope they learned from their mistake with the current generation, but sofar their latest products have at least not trilled me, I just do not think the styling is good enough. OK I might be hard to please. I am always willing to revise my view.

Looking forward to the next stage in this wonderful saga...Very best of luck Juha.....

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

As Nokia Lifeblog transfers from Nokia Ventures Organization to Multimedia Business Group it is time for me to look for the next big thing.

Merrygogromit_1Today Nokia Lifeblog has transferred to the Multimedia group to become a central component in the Nokia Nseries experience.

It is a day with mixed feelings; on the one hand I am really happy and proud that Lifeblog is becoming a core component in all Nokia Nseries devices. It is a major milestone for a venture to become deeply integrated into the core of a business group and get the scaling benefits. Lifeblog has completed all the venturing milestones and has reached a venturing goal of creating new and innovative solutions, which will help to renew Nokia.

What makes me sad is that I will not follow Lifeblog team to their new home. The team has been the best part of the journey. You have worked so hard shaping the vision, designing and engineering, promoting Lifeblog inside and outside of Nokia. I am so proud of you all; I really enjoy working with you. I am sure you will make your new ‘owners’ equally proud. In the past I have always left innovations dear to me. I think that is the best way for the innovations and for me. I firmly adhere to the theory that each phase in the product lifecycle needs a unique style of management and my way of managing works best in the early phase with lots of chaos and uncertainty, where the task is to define something out of nothing. A phase characterized by leadership more than management. In the Multimedia group there are well defined management and marketing structures in which Lifeblog will fit, ready to scale the solution as soon as the Nseries devices starts shipping. I am of better use somewhere else.

I am looking forward to a long summer break. Six great weeks of holiday, two weeks bonus after being 10 years with Nokia and 4 weeks of normal vacation provides a perfect transition from Lifeblog to the next thing. During the summer I will think of what to do next. I am not in a rush away from Nokia, a company very very dear to me. It is one of the greatest companies to work for; the people are extremely smart, there are lots of opportunities ahead. I am excited what is going on in the company. On the other hand I think it is good to stop for a moment, look around with open eyes. With my wife Nina we have even agreed that we can move anywhere in the world, so if you know of something very cool, let me know!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Speaking at Nokia's Destination Multimedia event in Amsterdam

Destination Multimedia was  a very interesting event for Nokia. Launching the sub-brand Nokia Nseries and its three first products the Nokia N70, N90 and N91 was really cool. I think we have not had that kind of event in many years, where the company took such a big leap in its business. I urge you to go and look at the web casts here. I gave a speech there and it is available as a web casts. 

Unfortunately during my speech the technical devil struck and my speaker notes were only half visible. Hence those of you who know me will notice a bit of nervousness.

I had asked the team to update some graphics so that I could see where I was in my presentation and that was done on a Mac and when putting it back to the PC the column was too narrow and half the notes were not visible. Standing in front of 250 people mentally relaying on my notes for cue...and the notes not being visible makes your pulse go up... I was thinking should I stop and reveal my technical problems, or press on, I decided to press on, and towards the end, I started to wing it and it got better, but the beginning I am really embarresed with.

The key lesson, if you use more technology you need to do more double checking and now I did not run through all parts just before, just some parts which would show to the audience. The good thing about this is one will always remeber this and make much more sure next time...

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