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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Getting most out of Series 60 - My selected gems

s60_platform_logo.jpgThere are numerous shortcuts that help you get most out of your Series 60 phones, which are not very well know. I thought that it could be nice to share some of them here on Moving Experiences. They are not in any specific order.

Customizing the idle display application short cuts
Getting quick access to frequently used applications is crucial. You can change the default softkey labels from Phone settings under the Standby mode, You can select from the pre-installed applications and some selected frequently used commands like New Message.
I use the Camera on the left, because I like one click access to the Camera and Calendar on the right as I use my 6600 as my main Calendar, and I generally do not remember where I need to be next.

One key profile toggle
The Power key can be used as a one directional scroll and once the desired profile is highlighted the power key can be press and held and the desired profile is selected. Pressing the power key 4 times and holding it down turns phone into Silent

Long press on right softkey enables voice commands
The voice commands can be activated by pressing and holding the right softkey, this is independent of the labeled short cut. The possible commands can be recorded in the Voice com. application which is in the Tools folder.

Easy digit entry in alpha mode
Have you ever been annoyed how cumbersome it is to change the text input mode, when you just need to enter a single digit.
A long press on number keys 0-9 in alpha mode creates a number entry without changing the input mode.

Shortcut to frequently used applications
By pressing the application key and a number between 1-9 will launch the application which is in the same place as the Apps key and number launches application matching place in grid of 9.

One touch dialling
Are you constantly dialling the same numbers? Assign them into speed dials, you can have 8 of them (digits 2-9). 1 is reserved for Voice mail and 0 for Services. You can help your memory by assigning the Speed dial so that the characters on the number key match the first character of the Speed dial. Make sure you have turned on the Speed Dial in Call Settings, it is off by default.

One key Multi-tasking
Press and hold the Apps key and you will enter a small pop up menu with the open applications. You can start scrolling the open applications using the Apps key. Once the right application is highlighted you can press and hold to select it. You can ofcourse use the joystic as well.

Easy closing of applications
From the Applications short cut list you can easily close applications. Scroll to the application and press the C key and confirm with left soft key or OK.
Easy erasing of received messages
If have lots of messages you want to delete the easiest way to do that is to use the C-key and then confirming with the left soft key.

Naming your phone
An old trick for naming Nokia phones is to create a new profile with desired attributes and then name the profile according to your first name or whatever you want to call your phone.

For fast message sending create a group of one
If you are sending alot of messages to a single person make a group of that person and you have quicker access. I created a group of my wife and I find it quite handy, when I want to send off an MMS.

The handset key has some nice shortcuts
If you are in a picture details view, you can save a click by pressing the send key directly, you are offered the different sending options directly. If you are in Messaging and have a message open or are in the inbox, you can make a call to sender directly.

Update June 05: Muting the Nokia Jingle at start up
If you are in a place where you do not want anyone to know you are turning on the phone, then pressing either scroll keys (Up / Down) will terminate the sound. (Thanks Charlie)

Update June 05: Customizing the idle shortcuts
This is one of the most useful new features in Series 60, an ability to modify the idle short cuts. It is possible in all Nokia S60 phones after the SW update from September to the 7610. I have put Lifeblog on the Right SK or sometimes on the scroll left as it is logically the opposite of a calendar which is on scroll right. The reason it is on scroll right is that you then can scroll to thenext day without moving your finger (clever!).

Update June 05: Uppgrading
I flash my hpnes alot when I have new prototypes and I uppgrade my phones maybe 3-4 times a year. It is a hassle everytome, but I have started to do the following. I use the data transfer for Calendar and Phonebook, it will preserve the Default numbers. I also use Lifeblog, by taking a back up of the phone and then selecting the new phone as my new preferred phone, after that Lifeblog will push all my favourite pictures, videos and sms to the new phone. What has to be done is downloading the settings, setting the speed dials and tuning the calendar, the menu structure. It takes about 2h to do it so this is somethingthat needs fixing...

I plan to update this post as I remeber more little things that are perfectly natural to me, but are not very widespread among users. Let me know if you have some additional ones and can add them as well.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Themes for Series 60

Mango Design Management, the designers of my theme announced their UI Themes shop this week at Cannes 3GSM conference. I have now used my unique theme for about a month and I still like it. Everytime I start a task I take a mini vacation, for about a second, when I look at the idle screen. It sounds silly, but it is actually really pleasing. I discussed with Andrea Finke-Anlauff, the CEO of Mangothemes if they would provide unique themes for sale and she said it could be possible to do the idle custom, but are people really willing to pay for it. It takes about an hour to actually do it. Contact them if you are interested in custom themes.

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The Finnish Post is offering personalised stamps

Digital Imaging technology is entering a classic business of communication, the stamp business. The Finnish post today announced that they will start to offer personalised stamps for a small premium. You can have a picture or graphics. One needs to order a sheet of 20 stamps. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and will follow up on this topic, once I learn more.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

The Palme D’Or restaurant, a culinary sanctuary

502_dsc00208Sitting in the wonderful art deco environment in Palme D’Or in total silence watching lit up palm trees violently wave to the storm in a choreographed ballet takes thoughts back to an era when cinematography had no sound. This felt surreal. When some of the human senses are surpressed others are elevated, in this moving experience sounds were surpressed and bouquet elevated to new hights. I have never experiences such pure smell in a restaurant, like the freshest springwater. This pure environment created a sanctuary for the food. Everytime a new course was brought in a wave of amazing smell caught my attention enriching the amazing visual experience created by the chefs in the kitchen. To be fulfilled with the taste which was very worthy of the two stars they have in Guide Rouge.

We decided to have the very classic Palme D’Or menu after having enjoyed a crisp glass of  Champagne. I had some wonderful company, thanks for making this evening so special.

The starter was a cannelloni filled with foie grass and vermicelles in a slightly picante sweet and sour sauce. It was rich is contrast and texture, quite wonderful and surprising. This dish created the mood for the whole dinner, a dinner of surprices, magical surprices. Christian Willer and Christian Sinicropi the chefs of the cuisine seems to be a masters of contrast and sensory deception. Culinary magicans serving the unexpected to their guests. These taste surprices culminated in a slightly salty rucola serbet on top of a stew of the sweetest al dente beetroot. Pure magic. This dish, not larger than a soup spoon had richness of a whole meal. It generated euphoric wow around the table. Having eaten around 8 courses you are not about to expload, but there is a deep feeling of well-being, mind and body being full.

The Palme D’Or is certainly a destination of anyone wanting to taste some of the finest cuisine in the world. The only thing making me sad is that of all the masses of pictures I took all are more or less crap. The SONY T-1 that I had had some kind of SW problem making awful pictures, but that is life.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Gourmet Junk - Not an oxymoron at Gregoire in Berkeley

Eating gourmet food from junk food cartons at Gregoire restaurant with the Berkely sun shining in my face was nothing less than a moving experience.


Here is a small collague from this Moving experience a sunny Sunday in February.

This little take out place in the hearth of Berkeley gourmet ghetto is worth of a trip anyday. I have seen lots of restaurant, but seldom am I faced with such an innovative concept. The chef dressed in classic white costume casually making food and chatting with the guests sitting right outside the. The food is prepared from premium ingredients. They are particularely famous for their Potato Puffs made of mashed potato which is deep fried golden. This was a real treat, rich in taste and wonderfully simple. The roasted garlic potato gratin was simply ingeniuos. I wish McDonald's concept guys would stop for a brainstorm session.
I had the Roast beef with hazelnut & Raclette cheese in grilled lavash. This was one of the best wraps I have ever had. It is funny that the old saying that good food starts from the ingredients. When served like any junk food, you have a bizarre sensation...this kind of stuff is not suposed to taste like this. I cannot call this anything else than Gourmet Junk. The pricing was very reasonable $6.50 for the Roastbeef and $4.0 each for the potatoes and I can tell you one did not leave this place hungry.

Of the small details I really enjoyed was the organic lemonade and the 'silvery' plastic cutlery and finally recycling, bottles in one garbage bin and rest in another.

Pay them a visit you will not be dissapointed.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Thoughts on Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is one of the 21st century mega trends. As we are living more and more hectic lives the pressure to perform several task in parallell is growing and perceived by many as a refuge to save time for relaxation. Is this intense multi-tasking a good or bad thing? At Etech I was again stunned by the level of multi-tasking people seemed capable of doing. People were listening to speeches, chatting on IRC, blogging and of course answering e-mails. I am not sure if the audience actually once logged-on to web intensive tasks actually resulted in a log-off from listening? I was atleast logged-off from listening, when I was trying to multi-task. I do not know if this is due to lack of experience, a poorly working PC or a genrally mal functioning brain.

The lack of experience is clearly one issue, I am normally not in my work multi-tasking by chatting. At most writing some, sms, maybe reading some e-mail. These two tasks are both time defeered, meaning that I am not forced to give my full attention while performing them, hence in my opinion they lend themselfves well to multi-tasking. Chatting, following a chat or blogging seems to be higher involvement tasks and thus having a negative impact on the listening attention. It would be interesting to hear others experience from this.

Mal functioning tools seems to be a fact. We have come accept the fact that the computer is a poorly working tool. My wife is actually amused when I have turned making the computer work or "configuring" into a hobby. It seems that a significant part of the time I spend in front of my computer is spent tuning it. At ETech I was clearly impaired by very sensitive VPN connection. When loosing the connection there was nothing else to do than to reboot. I have not had any recent experience using a Laptop Mac, the last one I had and loved was the PoweBook Duo 230. At ETech the Mac penetration was close to 50% and I think one reason is that it is the best 'wireless on-line' computer available. In my spare time I am using Mac that is a fixed G4 at home... I am now not able to discuss the actual usability of the tools, as my problems still are on a more rudimentary level.

The third reason is the brain, or lack of it. It seems that the brain is suitable to multi-tasking. We walk, talk, and even chew bubble gum. Or we drive, talk and navigate. There are numerous instances in daily life where we are multi-tasking at a extreme level and we take this for granted. The reason is that these task follow a strict priority order and wary in intensity. If we, for example, while driving encounter some traffic we need to pass we can suspend the talking for a while and the chewing of bubblegum and then resume these task once the situation is normalised. If we think of SW design and UI design the same way, we should be able to improve our ablility to multi-task by designing applications, so that they can be left in a suspend state for a while without having the task collapse. This is not how the Personal Computer UI was designed, but it is how the mobile phone UI was design. Even simple things like moving the mouse and talking at the same time seems too much for most people. If we think back were mobile phone UI's were first introduced it was in the car and there it was not the primary task. Hence the click-look-click paradigm is inherently better for multi-tasking than using a mouse. In the world of convergence it will be very interesting to follow where paradigmes emerge.

My prediction is that in the mobile connected world we will see more and more user experiences emerging that lend themselves to low intensity multi-tasking rather than active mono-tasking.

I do not think the brain will evolve quickly enough, and I guess I have to be an optimist and blame the tools and partly the experience, rather than the lack of intellectual capacity.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Started blogging via Ecto

You are reading my first post using the Ecto blog client for the Mac, which I just bought. This is the first proper blog client, and should make my life easier, as blogging via browser to the TypePad server directly is slow from Finland.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Blogging via Atom API on Nokia 6600

Pertti Korhonen, Nokia’s new CTO introduced PhotoBlog for Series 60 in his keynote at ETech in San Diego. This application proof-of-concept is supporting the Atom API enabling users to post to leading blog platforms. The application was developed by Futurice, who is developing a Photblog platform.


I met the guys in January and they showed me their solution and it looked interesting, except it was a closed environment. I had just decided I wanted to blog to via TypePad. I gave them an openess challenge to see how quickly they could integrate the Atom API into their application and they did it in about 3 weeks. I was impressed.
I have now posted on my Moving trail, while driving in Finland and tasting wine in US. My conclusion is blogging from phone works and this application demonstrates the power of openness. The UI is not yet perfect, but that can allways be fixed, one just has to find the optimal moving blog use cases. I think the ‘task’ of blogging can cross the chasm. Joi Ito introduced me to Sam Ruby after Pertti Korhonen’s speech and Sam said this made his day, I am pleased ;-)

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R&D-Live - My ETech learnings

ETech is for a mobile guy like entering a different solar system. One where laptops and wi-fi are on center stage and rest is context revolving around it. It is very eye-opening to experience this hands-on. ETech is like an big adhoc R&D lab performing live. The crowd is really switched on and I am really impressed by the people here.

Below are first impressions or ternds in no particular order:

1. From digital to analogue
The US presidential elections seems to drive collective behaviour, where the web acts as a catalyst for getting people together physically and act on or meet on issues that are dear to them. In this case the locomotive for this trend is: Meetup

2. Most cool stuff is web centric rather than PC centric
It seems like many of the cool applications are web based rather than PC Based. Tecnorati.

3. Collaborative innovation - A fluid mix of open and propiretary
Trendsetting companies are using the power of the web to innovate, by opening parts of their services for developers. This will eventually take their offerings into interesting directions.

4. Smartphones are still not on the map with techies
In Tim O'Reilly's keynote the mobile did not seem to be on his radar. Alot of the concepts I see at ETech, would work very well in a mobile perspective, some even better. A good example of the state of Mobiles among techies was when Rael Dornfest told me he gets basic questions like: How do you change the wall paper on the S60 phones. This was not his 'mother-in-law', but some fellow super geek. That feature is not very usable, but that is not my point here, rather: would there be room for a section in MobileWhack for Hacking the Series 60? I guess deepending on perspective one could call 'changing the wall paper' a hack ;-)

5. The market share of Macs in the internet trendsetter community is close to 50%
This switched on community is very centred around Mac, most solutions work cross-platform and people multitask with up to a dozen of windows all being monitored at the same time. I hope the Mac continue to have success, as I am myself using Mac in my private life. Started in -87 with a Mac Plus. I wonder how long it will take for this trend to spread to the corporate world. I guess of the tools I use frequently only existing on the PC platform is NetMeeting.

I will evolve this post during the week as I continue to hyper learn...

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Monday, February 09, 2004

On top of Google - As me as an editor

Today on the 9th of February, 20 days since my url and new identity was e-born, I emerged at the top of the rankings in Google.

I have already for several years been the first entry in Google when 'Christian Lindholm' is entered. Initially it was the model boat community, later through speaking engaments with Nokia and last year through the Mobile Usability book.

So why I am so excited about this and what has changed? From my perspective everything, I am now the editor of my digital identity. For me it is not about being the first entry, but having the right entry being clicke on when my name is entered.

I think this is fundamental for the future of personal identity, people know me by my name, not through a phone number, address, url.

Getting into this position was one of my objectives when I started blogging. I could have done it lots earlier, by setting up a home page, but this was too labour intensive.

One of the things I would like to see is some kind of concept of a universal namebook, where one could 'google' and find anyone. I am sure this is something many have worked on but I have not seen any solution. I plan to investigate this issue a bit more during the O'Reilly ETech conference. So if anyone is reading this get hold of me, I am online with my phone...

How did I manage to do this in 20 days? I think the key reason was the Maxdox post, to which two important bloggers Rael Dornfest having the MobileWhack blog and Russel Beattie keeping his online under his own name. It is widely known that blogs have a major impact on Google rankings, in this case it was a positive influence and it happened very quickly.

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