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Sunday, March 28, 2004

The SUV of shoes.

The SUV of shoes.

There is a gigant trend in shoes which I call convergence shoes, where Cole Haan is driving mass market. I bought a pair of Eldridge shoes. They are as comfortable as sneakers, but are more business like. To me they are like the SUV cars, leisure car in a urban environment. Denmark's Ecco invented this type of shoe and Prada made it hot few years ago. Now Cole Haan, the Nike subsidiary is making it a commercial success. What I like with the Cole Haan is that they really represent a convergence shoe as they merge two brands, the Nike brand for technology and the Cole Haan brand for style. The salesman told me that these types of shoes already constitute 30% of Cole Haan's business. I must say I am impressed by this kind of innovation in such a mature product as a shoe.

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