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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Restaurang Magasinet in Hanko - The Archipelago on a plate

4994_cl_pix460A traditional destination during summer is Restaurang Magasinet in Hanko, this wonderful restaurant situated in an old warehouses in the harbour of Hanko. They serve the best from the sea in every form and shape. Their smorgardsbord - or sea food buffet has been my favourite for years. They put alot of effort in their fish patés and their marinated herring. A new thing this year was a seared salmon, sliced thin served between two very thin slices of rye bread. They always have fresh gravad lax and some smoked salmon. This buffet is best enjoyed with a frozen akvavit and a cold beer.

I also recommend their steak, which is great after weeks out at sea. Magasinet has filled the space with old sea memorabilia, they even have a bow of an old wooden yacht mounted on the wall. This gives the place some depth and ambiance.

The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is laid back. The clientele is primarely sailors, with a mix of locals celebrating important moments. The kitchen is open style bringing the crew in touch with their customers. The pricing is on par with downtown Helsinki making it a bit expensive, but everything taken into account I recommend it, and return as frequently as I can during summer.

Restaurang Magasinet is a member of the Skärgårdsmak project which is a marketing co-operation between restaurants, crafts people all with a love of the Archipelago and its products. Skärgårssmak is a EU project, which I think is well implemented. The idea was simple: create a unified brand and then use it as a quality stamp accross products and services produced in the Archipelago.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Holiday started - A period of family driven life recording

PICT0683Today is the first day of my summer holiday. Five weeks of intense relaxation is exactly what I need. I think the Finnish tradition of long holidays provides a great work-life balance. Up in the north the winter nights are long and accumulating energy is crucial. We will spend the time along the coast, sailing and island hopping. A week at the summer cottage.

I am planning to do some mobile blogging with the Blog client which now is starting to be quite stable and having the client working alongside Lifeblog gives me good tools for Life recording.

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Fuel Cells is the future of mobility

In my job I come accross lots of new technology, but much of it leaves me luke warm. What got me really hot was when I first was introduced to the Fuel cell headset. I realised this is so amazing that it will totally transform the world.1254_image081Earlier this week at Nokia Connection our former CTO Dr. Yrjö Neuvo, showed the press the fuel cell powered headset. They were excited. I am trilled. Let me alaborate why this is so amazing:

1.) Liquid is esentially free from form and will thus enable us to make radically different electronics. It will stimulate an era of organically shaped electronics, only familiar to people watching sci-fi movies.
2.) The concept of re-fuelling is already normal behaviour for everyone driving a car, extending it to re-fuelling electronics should not be a problem.
3.) No more cable and power adapter hell. What I notice when I go sailing is that the bulk of my adapters is equal of that of my gadgets. Now I would just have to bring along a small bottle of fuel and few small nozzle adapters and I would be mobile for a fair amount of time.
4.) The distribution of fuel could become as ubiquitious as the distribution of batteries.

The little bottle in the picture would last for about two weeks. Anyone who ever designed small electronics will know what amazing limitation to form traditional batteries will cause, now the shape is not limiting imagination. I will follow the evolution of this technology with great interest

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Maxill is my favourite neigbourhood restaurant.

Asparagus bernaise dry fried chantarelles
Asparagus bernaise dry fried chantarelles
Scampi on a bed of tomato and basil risotto
Scampi on a bed of tomato and basil risotto

Maxill is a splendid place to enjoy a good meal among local people. Their food is very tasty and they like to try new things. The restaurant is situated in the hearth of Ullanlinna, a nice neighbourhood known for their Art Nuoveau quarters and their small boutiques. Maxill is in a building from the functional period and the building is strongly influencing their style. The gigant windows provide great view onto the street, giving the restaurant its "living room" atmosphere. Their menu is a fusion between Finnish, French and Asian foods, making it very trendy, but not over designed. Their classic roasted chevre salad with almonds is great. Their fish is always superb, they take lots of pride in quality of the raw material. Make sure you check the daily specials. The restaurant is popular so it makes sense to call in advance. Their prices are not cheap, but it is well worth a visit and you will sense the warmth of contempory Helsinki.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sailing season started.

Sailing season started.

Out sailing with the team. A short break from the screen and office.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The crowd cheers for Lifeblog.

The crowd cheers for Lifeblog.

Edited after the speech....
This image was posted live during my speech about management of personal content at the Nokia Connection event. I demed Lifeblog live, then blogged using the photoblog, proof of concept using the ATOM API and finally demoed Moving experiences. The audience was journalist from all over the world.

Small disclaimer Actually they were not actually cheering for Lifeblog or anything else, but it sure looks real ;-)

I will try to look for the slides on-line, and post a link here. Unfortunately seemed to closed for some maintenance.

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Cool Art Deco styling

A classic camera nice. Open
A classic camera nice. Side
A classic camera nice. Front view of a classic Kodak camera from the 50's

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nokka - Finnish for front and that is where this restaurant is heading

Ravintola Nokka is situated in the wonderful old harbour warehouse below the Uspenski Catedral on Katajannokka, the part of town where I spent my first 5 years. It is situated in the premises of the legendary restaurant Kanavaranta, which got very famous for their tar ice cream. After a major renovation Nokka opened under the chef Markus Maulavirta. The mood is different, trendier, more international, but still carrying the legacy of fresh Finnish ingredients. They are moving to the front in Finnish cuisine, and cannot do anything else as they are called Nokka, which is Finnish for front.

Having recently been to Chez Dominique I was in a very good position to compare the two. Chez Dominique is clearly sharper on the food, but the atmosphere and the wines at Nokka gives me reason to compare them. I am no expert on Guide rouge stars, but they could get one, with a bit more focus on details. Two stars would require more culinary innovation and refinement.

This visit was special as I took my dear wife Nina there and we had a feast! We started with a plate of seasonal delicacies, this was quite innovative, but was not up to the standard of what followed. I had a spinach gnocchi in champagne sauce with a paste of olives, this dish was very very good and had wonderful vivid colours. Nina had a crisp and fresh green salad with fresh asparagus. To each dish I had a different glass of wine. One of the things Nokka is really focusing on are the wines. Their sommelier Petri ??? is one of two having a very high level french wine diploma and one can really taste his competence. The service was very flexible and professional, not the posh stiff style typical in Finnish restaurants, but empatic and efficient. We got a brief tour of their wine cellar and their cook-in kitchen, where I had been cooking in the fall when Matt Jones joined Nokia.

My main course was an exotic breed of salmon lightly smoked on a bed of morel stew with new Finnish potatoes. This was as Finnish as fish gets, great smell, wonderful texture, food was hot. It was the best smoked salmon I had ever had. Nina had a pike perch dish, but there the pike perch was a fraction overdone, but it did not seem to affect her satisfaction. For desert we continued with an Pannacotta with a pineapple sauce and I had an orange souffle with a choclate sorbet ball. This was spectacular as the ball was served in a second bowl, the waitress cut the souffle upon and dropped in the ball of sorbet. Again strong smell couple with a wonderful wine. The souffle act was gracious move, making a great dinner peak.

I rounded of with a bit of spirit tasting by comparing French Calvados with Finnosh Ålvados, I guess Apple brandy from Åland. It was quite OK, but not a subtle as the Calvados, might have been due to the age, I do not know if they have been doing Ålvados for a dozen years.

Birds are singing in the toilet and you dry your hands in nicely rolled cloth napkins - exclusive.

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Testing huh

Testing huh

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

5 days of life

5 days of life

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