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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nokia Lifeblog beta is available

Our team reached a major milestone while I have been on vacation. We have published a public beta of Lifeblog. You can download it here. I thought I would announce it here on my blog, as I am really proud of this achivements of the team.

I also wanted to shed some light on what I do with my Lifeblog, as I have used it for a few months.

You can use the beta to import all your old photos and create a timeline of them. Lifeblog will clone all your pictures so nothing is lost if you use some album SW. Once done you will with little effort see a very interesting account of past accounts. I was amazed to see the scattered memories come into an organised chronology. I have used other photo album SW, but the horisontal timeline is unique and it is more interesting then what we initially thought once you see your own data in it.

I use it as a people diary. I take pictures of people I meet and write a small description and then I can easily search for the name and find their photo, should improve my name memory.

I use it as a "project record" for small projects like when I painted my boat hatch, I took a picture every now and then and it is fun to see how long it took.

I take pictures of food and write small reviews, some of which are found on my blog.

I use it as a visual diary, if I see something I want to remeber, I just take a picture, rename it in Lifeblog and it is syncronised to the PC.

The simple diary notes function is a great way to annotate the timeline and thus create some searchable metadata.

If you have the 7610 then you should try it, if you do not have one, then I recommend you take a close look at it if you are in the market for a new phone. It is my favourite Series 60 device so far and megapixel resolution is so much better than the VGA found in other Nokia phones. For me it has become a Life recorder. I really like the thinness of it, so if you have not seen it live check it out.

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There is a very interesting review about Nokia Lifeblog witten by Robert Price, who is a clever guy in the UK was so kind to post his experiences on adapting a blog server to work with Nokia Lifeblog.

the summary is: addictive (that word again!); mobile software wickedly cool; PC software great, but doesn't play fair with regular computers (more work needed!).

Read it here:

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