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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Speaking at Nokia's Destination Multimedia event in Amsterdam

Destination Multimedia was  a very interesting event for Nokia. Launching the sub-brand Nokia Nseries and its three first products the Nokia N70, N90 and N91 was really cool. I think we have not had that kind of event in many years, where the company took such a big leap in its business. I urge you to go and look at the web casts here. I gave a speech there and it is available as a web casts. 

Unfortunately during my speech the technical devil struck and my speaker notes were only half visible. Hence those of you who know me will notice a bit of nervousness.

I had asked the team to update some graphics so that I could see where I was in my presentation and that was done on a Mac and when putting it back to the PC the column was too narrow and half the notes were not visible. Standing in front of 250 people mentally relaying on my notes for cue...and the notes not being visible makes your pulse go up... I was thinking should I stop and reveal my technical problems, or press on, I decided to press on, and towards the end, I started to wing it and it got better, but the beginning I am really embarresed with.

The key lesson, if you use more technology you need to do more double checking and now I did not run through all parts just before, just some parts which would show to the audience. The good thing about this is one will always remeber this and make much more sure next time...

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