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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Velorution – The total bicycle experience in London

Velorution In my slow going greener campain, I have been thinking what wheels to get, and I decided on a Brompton, a classic foldable bike made in England. I will post more on this cool bike later; this is the story of where I got it: Velorution. Velorution is a fanastic bike shop in London, just 3min walking from Oxford circus on 18 Great Tichfield Street. The shop is a fusion of gallery and bikeshop. There is lots of space and the bikes are a feast for the eye. I had never imagined the range of bicycles as I saw there. The walls were filled with bike related art. Unfortunately the charismatic blogger/owner Andrea, who runs the popular blog Velorution was not there.  The blog, mixing tech reviews, lifestyle commenting, art commenting and politics and some light veloporn. The blog is fantastic, and very informative. Velorution is an example of retail renaissance, where its presence is far greater than the neighborhood it spans. Mixing of blog, showroom and ofcourse meticulous maintenance in basement. I had to wait for 30minutes as the previous customer got the right Dynamo for his Christiania. First I thought it was poor service, but then I realized, it is ultimate service, real care, there was only bike Doctor and he had another patient. I was warmly velcomed and encourage to fiddle with the bikes, I did. It was great to do that without someone breathing down my neck. Even Maud enjoyed herself, inspecting the bikes, the different lights. Andrea, seems very keen in Fashion, he is Italian, and has created something he calls Pret-a-Rouler, a fashion show of bikes and suitable clothing, not the tight synthetics with big ads, no this is haute couture. It is discoveries like this that makes London totally unique, the market is big enough for this kind of segmentation and tribute to retail lifestyle – A real moving experience - Horaaay.

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