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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice MobileMe recovery

This morning Apple sent me this as an e-mail. I felt good, so decided to share. It told me three things: They really have screwed up, heads must be rolling and they are after all only human. They are truly sorry and do care about their users, first one month free now two months more.  Creating services like this is hard, e.g. multipoint sync is killer hard and they do not have their conflict resolution in shape.


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"...multipoint sync is hard...". Hm, makes me wonder: is there a concept called "singlepoint sync"? ;-)

Ok, maybe 'multipoint' refers to any kind of synchronization between more than two repositories. Anyhow, I would still claim that Apple's life in this space is super easy: they have two relevant mobile device variants (iPhone & iPod Touch; I don't think that the subvariants are so much different), one service and two PC app variants. Compared to what other vendors are confronted with that's a nice little walk in the park. And still they can't get it to work? :-O Maybe I should report this to a previous boss of mine who forced me to work on synchronization? ;-)

But ok, I am just teasing: yes, synchronization is very very hard. People who claimed to have a silver bullet have somehow disappeared (or should I say: joined the blogging bandwaggon?). Or does Cognima continue to exist under cover? ;-)

Posted by: Antti Muka at Aug 25, 2008 8:51:24 PM

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